On This Day in Sports History: Jim Everett Shoves Jim Rome on Live Television


“Jim Rome” is trending on Twitter right now.


It’s the anniversary of the live television moment when he called NFL quarterback Jim Everett “Chris” to his face during a one-on-one interview, leading Everett to toss a table aside and shove/grab Rome off the stage.

The background here is that “Chris” refers to Chris Evert, who was a famous female tennis player back then, meaning that Rome was essentially telling Everett that he was a woman, resulting in this:

Rome, not shockingly, comes across as a total asshole there, but in a weird way I kind of begrudgingly respect the fact that he didn’t try to hide his prior criticism, which was distasteful, but valid. Everett struggled in 1993 with the Rams, completed less than 50% of his passes, and threw more interceptions than touchdowns, which led to his departure to New Orleans. Most people would pretend that they never said what they said and claim ignorance, but Rome was 100% committed to being a jabroni. He got punked on national television, but at least he was consistent with his douchebaggery.

Great moment in sports history right there.

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9 Responses

  1. Jim Rome totally deserved what happened. I thought Jim Everett showed a lot of restraint. Don’t keep provoking people. I would love to see this happen to Screaming A. Smith or his boy Max Kellerman.

  2. How come only white males work here?
    I mean everyone knows kinks is a racehater, but
    Kyle won’t hire any blacks or women.
    Only white males?
    What is this the 1960’s?

    1. That’s rule #1 in the liberal sports blog handbook. They all preach about equality and call out other sites, but they refuse to look in the mirror. Deadspin, this site, PFT, if you added up all of the minority hires for those sites you wouldn’t need more than one hand. They don’t want to give blacks a voice, they want to be their voice.

      1. I knew it. It’s all a left wing liberal media conspiracy. It always is.

        Impactful commentary by you. Blown away by the depth. Filled with FACT!

  3. How can referring to someone as a woman ever be an insult? They should have embraced and agreed to fix racism or go watch soccer.

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