Philly Basketball Game Shows Misunderstanding of Social Distancing

Rysheed Jordan is a Philadelphia native who had a brief stint with the Delaware 87ers after playing college hoops for St. John’s. He was a top Pennsylvania recruit with a possible NBA future, then a 2016 attempted murder charge derailed the “Prince of North Philly’s” professional career.

He got out of prison in December and came back to the region, playing with the semi-pro Camden Monarchs before the ABA season was canceled due to Coronavirus. I hadn’t heard his name in a while, then someone sent me this picture that popped up on his Instagram account and was later deleted, a photo showing more than 75 people at a North Philly basketball court, playing 1v1 and not exactly practicing proper social distancing:

The thing with Philly right now is that most rec centers, parks, and athletic courts are chained off and closed, but if there’s no fence or gate around the property, then it’s wide open and available for use. These courts are up at 26th and Master, which is part of a rec center that has partial fencing but can’t entirely be shut down. I’m not sure how they would enforce this outside of setting up a temporary barricades, like how you would block off a construction site or something like that. The only other option is to remove the rims or cover them with wood blocks, which is what Bethlehem is doing:

Photo credit: @easeltyne

A source tells me there were “some very good, Division 1 players” at the North Philly game, which is hard to confirm since the photo was taken from far away. There is, however, a video clip that also showed up on Jordan’s Instagram, which made it to Twitter:


NBC Philly just ran a story citing early data that shows COVID-19 is hitting Philadelphia’s African-American community especially hard, though if you’ve been outside in recent weeks you’ve seen a lot of city-wide behavior that goes against government orders. I’ve seen people of all stripes running on narrow trails, blocking aisles at the grocery store, failing to wear masks, and doing a lot of other things that don’t help the situation. It seems like more people are starting to get it, but not everybody, and all it takes is one gathering at a basketball court or one house party or one Fishtown corner bar to remain open (while pretending they’re closed), then a bunch of other people get screwed in the process.

Maestro checking in with these tweets:


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  1. Kevin: you chose to live in Philadelphia. Take your medicine and quit complaining.

  2. Easier just shut the comments down instead of removing all

  3. One huge detail you left out Kincade is that there was $5,000 riding on that game. Now I don’t know about you but lack of sports and gambling have turned this into what it became. Something to kill the boredom and add social media into it and you have the recipe for a very contagious fire to start where more and more people just keep showing up.

  4. Scratch that. I did some actual research and found out people have been lying to me. Nobody is trying to lock me up.

    Hey Gump – you are right. You are dumb.

  5. He took my iPhone and 2 ounce bottle of handle sanitizer when I walking around 8th and Filbert the other day. If you see him tell him he can keep the iPhone but I need my hand sanitizer.

  6. 2016 attempted murder charge and he is out already? WOW! Attempted murder just means you’re incompetent at your job of being a murderer!

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