Report: Eagles Were Trying to Trade Alshon Jeffery Last Year

Alshon Jeffery vs Cowboys
Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Any Eagles news right now is like finding water in the Sahara Desert.

Jeff McLane at the Inquirer leads us to the Oasis with this tidbit about Alshon Jeffery in a story published Monday night:

It didn’t take long before Howie Roseman realized that he had made a mistake when he guaranteed Alshon Jeffery’s salary for 2020 just before last season.

The Eagles general manager began actively shopping Jeffery about a month later, NFL sources told The Inquirer, as the wide receiver’s production waned, his injuries mounted, and he became implicated as the anonymous source behind disparaging comments about the team to ESPN.

Jeffery had become aware that he was on the market and was troubled by the mixed messages he had received from the team, a source close to the receiver said. The contract restructure assured the Eagles’ commitment beyond 2019 but also provided salary-cap space in case they traded for a high-priced player.

Three options here:

  1. cut Alshon and stretch some of his dead cap into 2021
  2. let him get healthy, try to trade for a 7th rounder
  3. healthy Alshon comes back and catches a few touchdown passes, everybody completely forgets about the last two seasons

Let’s see what Josina Anderson has to say about this.

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15 Responses

  1. Seriously was Howie on drugs when he gave alshon the guaranteed $ for no reason

  2. Africa is surrounded by water; why didn’t any Africans ever build ships to sail and/or explore the world?

    1. Childish. Idiotic. Nothing new.

      Better question – you are very proud to be a “real man”, white and Christian.

      Why are you still broke and living in the row you grew up in?

      Build a life and sail the world, puss.

        1. I hate myself. Harv just sent me a message.

          Never mind; I now know the oldest ships ever found were on the continent of Africa. I feel like a friggin moron AGAIN.

          1. Wow! And for years we were taught that England, France, Italy, Spain, and Vikings from Norwegian areas were the true explorers! We never knew it was really Africans like Kunta Kinte! 😂😂😂

          2. When you Google and Google to dig yourself out of a stupid hole and only dig it deeper.

            Lol. Poor dope

            Just the facts – Vikings from Norwegian.

            More facts – oldest ships ever discovered are in Africa.

            0 for 82.


  3. Kyle should trade away his current set of article thieves for a real sport writer
    that has ethics and common sense.

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