Report: Knicks President Leon Rose Interested in Sixers GM Elton Brand

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Good morning. Have your coffee ready? Are you sitting down? Actually, I don’t think any of that matters, because I’m not sure you’ll particularly care, but… per a report in the New York Daily News, New York Knicks president Leon Rose is believed to have interest in making Sixers GM Elton Brand his new general manager:

Now, there are a couple of issues here that we’ll get to in a moment, but let me ask you: do you care? Should any of us care? Let’s start with the logistical issue. Elton Brand is under contract for another year, making any potential poaching by the Knicks a non-issue at the moment. The Inquirer‘s Keith Pompey weighed in on Twitter and some people thought it was a big deal:

That “team source” 100% reads as follows:

  • Pompey sees report
  • Pompey texts/emails/calls a Sixers PR rep
  • PR rep sends the info above

That’s not much in the way of a “source”, but to each his own. Want more proof it wasn’t much of a “source”? Take a look at what two other writers wrote.

Kyle Neubeck of PhillyVoice said in his article:

A team source stressed to PhillyVoice that Brand is under contract beyond this season, and said that the organization is happy with how he has led the franchise since being promoted to the role in 2018, valuing his leadership and connections around the league (both internally and externally).

Paul Hudrick of NBC Sports Philadelphia wrote:

A team source on Wednesday confirmed Brand is under contract beyond this season and said the organization is very happy with his work since being named GM in 2018. The source cited Brand’s leadership and strong working relationships with players, agents, and executives around the league.

Wow. It’s almost as if they all had the same PR “source”. I digress.

None of this is new info as the team has touted Brand’s clout as a former player as a helpful factor in relating to players in free agency. If I were another GM, I’d also love having Brand in charge of a team with potential assets.

Let’s look at his track record from the past season:

He got fleeced in the Tobias Harris trade that not only cost young sharpshooter Landry Shamet, but draft compensation in the way of the Sixers’ protected 2020 first-round pick (#1-14 through 2020 at which time it converts to second-round picks in 2023 and 2024), Miami’s unprotected 2021 first-round pick, as well as Detroit’s 2021 and 2023 second-round picks. Oh yeah, the Sixers then signed Harris to an absolutely ludicrous 5-yr, $180m contract.

Brand made his interest in Matisse Thybulle so obvious that Danny Ainge extracted pick compensation in the same way Sam Hinkie did in drafting Elfrid Payton and flipping him for Dario Saric and a pick.

Brand also acquired Al Horford this off-season to the tune of $109 million over four years. He completed a sign-and-trade of Jimmy Butler to the Miami Heat – whereby creating a legit 2-5 seed East for the next few seasons – in exchange for Josh Richardson, who the team would have to dive into the deepest depths of cap hell to re-sign.

Leon Rose wants Elton Brand? He can have him. At least this time Brand will have a bit of a resume as an NBA executive before getting hired to a front office role in a top market. They say every rose has its thorn. If Leon gets Brand, he’ll find one in his side.

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14 Responses

  1. and you people tell me Sasquatch doesn’t exist! #SasquatchChronicles on iTunes

  2. Sixers giving out max contracts like Halloween candy to mediocre players is hurting this team says:

    Good riddance!

  3. I want to be honest here. I lied..I made the whole thing up. I needed a news story so I made it up. I’m a lying niggr who Jones to be punished.

  4. Elton Brand looks like he should be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. I would immediately purchase stock in any Corporation that he leads.

  5. Great point. You can definitely tell a CEO by the way they look. I agree 100%. Every prison block I went on I knew the pipe I would be cleaning. The people in charge have that look. Love that look.


  7. The Process died a long time ago, we are just left with the scattered ashes. The old good thing about corona is that it spared us from the certain first-round playoff humiliation. Get rid of Brand who assembled this overpaid and overhyped cast of losers, get rid of Brett who spent this season parroting GabeKapler-isms, get rid of Joel who tried to play bully-ball for one game and then gave up and went back to sucking and/or being hurt, get rid of Ben Simmons who spent the offseason, again, posting videos of a ball going through a basket, then spent the season again telling his coach to f**k off and posting empty stats against bad teams in a way Dak Prescott would be so proud … get rid of this awful squad that no one actually likes. Remember when your Sixers were a good likeable team instead of this bunch of overpaid underperforming scum?

  8. Russ if you think that EB is the final decision maker for anything that the team does roster wise then you’re either a total moron or willfully ignorant. I’m not sure which is worse.

    1. so Elton’s either useless because he doesn’t actually do anything, or he’s useless because he’s incompetent. Does it matter? Actually his resume is uselessness is exactly why the Knicks are interested, they need someone to do Dolan’s bidding without resistance and there aren’t many of those out there, are there?

      1. You’re missing the point here, bud. The issue is organizational structure. There isn’t one decision maker in the front office and it leads to awful results when it comes to trades, draft picks, and signings. EB, Brett, etc. love talking about the collaborative decision making process they use and it’s absurd. No successful franchise in the NBA is run that way. The ownership group needs to fire the entire FO and Brett, hire a real GM, and give that person the power to be a decision maker.

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