Rider Without Mask Physically Removed from SEPTA Bus

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Here’s the hot video going around on social media right now:

There’s not much info on these incidents, specifically. For what it’s worth, three SEPTA employees have died from COVID-19, one a mechanic, one an AC specialist, and a third working in fueling, according to FOX 29. As a result, service was drawn back on Thursday and some stations were closed.

The guy in the second video didn’t receive a ticket, nor was he arrested, according to WHYY.

More from their story:

SEPTA’s new Lifeline schedule, which went into effect Thursday, closed several subway stops and ceased about half of the city’s bus and trolley routes. Along with the service reduction, SEPTA limited access to stations and asked riders to wear a face-covering that’s in accordance with CDC recommendations.

(Spokesperson Andrew) Busch confirmed Friday that the “request” has become a mandate and riders without a face covering can be restricted from boarding their vehicles.

SEPTA police officers are tasked with engaging riders at some stations and if a passenger is non-compliant on a bus, the police can remove them.

This is… quite the situation we have here. If we’re at the point where we’re physically removing people from buses, then why are they even running in the first place?

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25 Responses

  1. once again kevy shows the true idiot he is:

    “…..This is… quite the situation we have here. If we’re at the point where we’re physically removing people from buses, then why are they even running in the first place?……..”

    for people in compliance………..

    whats you point ti make people looks bad for doing there job?

    fn crybaby………….

    1. Is it a requirement to have a mask when riding the bus?? If it is why doesn’t the driver have one. Why dont the drivers hand them out. Gee, that might be easier than calling the police to remove someone breaking zero laws. Much easier for everyone to break out into hysterics. Sorry if i am saying something logical for all the pee brained morons who will no doubt respond after this. Times yours

      1. Do you mean is it LEGAL to force someone to wear a face mask? The answer is no according to legal experts.

  2. whats you point ti make people looks bad for doing there job?

    The person who wrote the above called someone else an idiot.

    Note 2 – Joe the Plumber is not creepy. Just different.

  3. You can’t enforce laws that don’t exist. If it’s going to be mandatory compliance, then make it a mandate. You can’t show up and kick people off with some unannounced rule in your back pocket- or holster.

  4. Yes, riders knew!!!! I knew and I don’t take SEPTA right now. The police are actually enforcing what SEPTA put in place on Thursday night. This was the mandate by SEPTA for the Lifeline service so essentially if you are not covering your face the driver can have you removed from the bus by police. However it doesn’t say you must have a mask just that you must cover your face, so I have no clue why the two guys with their face covered were thrown off the bus that’s actually the thing people should be questioning.

  5. The cop on the right is wearing a mask but it doesn’t cover his nose. Not the proper way to wear a mask.

  6. Ahhh…. My heart is delighted as the little people are abused by my boys in blue, oops I mean boys are brown do my bidding.

    As a bonus being a dem compels me to abuse those of color so I’m even more elated!!!

  7. I think it would have been easier to give this man a mask. Some people can’t get masks this situation could have turned aggressive and someone could have got hurt. It’s better for all to try to be brotherly, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Sometimes we need to think before we act. Keep calm. God Bless the bus driver,the police office called to assist and the man trying to get to work.

  8. Just from the one picture… 1 cop isn’t wearing a mask, one cop just has the mask over his mouth because you know you can’t get or spread being infected through the nose, congratulations sir you’re about to be rich.

    1. Yes exactly. A philly jury is going to see this video and that man will never need to ride the bus to a job again. And the cops won’t face any repercussions, taxpayers will foot the bill for their little power trip. If only I could be so lucky.

  9. I’m sure he was asked to put on a mask and adamantly refused, so he was then helped off the bus. It is really simple, if you don’t resist, this does not happen. I think I read that two or three bus drivers have already died from catching the virus for just doing their “essential” jobs. If this idiot doesn’t want to comply, then he got what he deserved. They need to start doing this at the supermarkets too….people just don’t give a f what happens to anyone else, just themselves. You think these employees at the grocery stores really want to be there during this pandemic? You have whole families of people coming in the stores, kids and all, and no one is wearing any protective gear or give two shots about the people in the store that they may come in contact with.

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