Sixers Broadcast Team Ranked 19th in Awful Announcing Reader Poll

Surely this is rigged. No way Marc Zumoff and Alaa Abdelnaby finished in the bottom half of Awful Announcing’s reader poll ranking NBA broadcast teams.

Their words:

The votes are in, the grades have been tallied, and the rankings have been arranged. After over 10,000 votes (an average of nearly 350 a team, which is far lower than I expected), the readers of Awful Announcing have decided on their favorite and least favorite local NBA broadcast teams.

Alright, so it was a small sample size. I think Marc and Alaa are easily a top-half team, though most of us probably have not watched a lot of the other local broadcasts, so we’re lacking a proper frame of reference.

Here’s how the vote totals wrapped up, with the Sixers near the bottom of this graphic and blocked in yellow:

Looks like most voters had the Sixers crew in that B- or C+ range. I would have easily given them an A- or B+. I think Alaa has come a long way since taking over for Malik Rose a few years ago. He brings a good blend of observation + tactical knowledge without going overboard. Good delivery, good cadence, good everything from these two (and Serena, who wasn’t listed on the poll for whatever reason).

I don’t think they do the homer routine, certainly not like other local broadcasters do. Sometimes you’ll watch broadcasts where the color commentator just fakes outrage at the officials, which gets old pretty quickly. That doesn’t seem to happen too frequently during NBCSP broadcasts.

This #19 overall ranking is too low. We need a re-vote.


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  1. Imo Zumoff is an average at best announcer. The other dude what is connection to Philly. If your going to have a dumb jock have someone recognizable.

    1. I can tell this idiot is a bandwagon Sixer fan. Doesn’t even know Alaa’s name lol. Here’s a fun fact dummy, Alaa once played for the Sixers. But you wouldn’t know that because it wasn’t a playoff team and thats the only time you watch.

  2. look, I know local announcers are homers, I get it. In fact, I like it to some extent, and I love Merrill and Mike – 9 times out of 10 I’ll listen to their broadcast of Birds games and turn down the TV sound. But Marc Zumoff I find just unbearable. I like to listen to sports on the radio because of my job – I can have a Flyers or Sixers or Phils game on the background and still do my work while listening to the game. I love LA and Kevens 1,2,3 doing the Phils. The Flyers crew is a bit much sometimes, but not too over-the-top and mostly entertaining. Coatsie just makes me laugh, something loveable about him while very goofy. But Zumoff is just way too much bombast – every single basket by every single player on the Sixers has Zumoff shouting and cavorting like it’s the winning shot in the Finals. If there’s a foul called, you can forget trying to find out what really happened – every foul against the Sixers is treated as an outrage, a crime against humanity – the whole shtick is just ridiculous and off-putting – how can anyone listen to that for a whole game? If Zumoff toned down his act, it would certainly help but I’d much prefer someone, anyone, else.

      1. I’m a-guessing that “Barbara” only listens to the radio and was confusing Zumoff with Tom McGinnis. Her description of “Zumoff” does sound a lot like McGinnis, lol

    1. Zoo tries to make every game like the NBA Finals. It’s just sounds phony when you have a team that is 10-40 and the Sixers are pounding them. Your screaming about a basket made against players who have packed in the for the season. If you want to get excited about a rejected LeBron dunk in LA I’m all for it. It’s an important game against a possible Finals opponent. But sitting there screaming about some play against the T-Wolves at The Center when they are 8-24 on the road is ridiculous. That is the kind of call you have to make if your doing radio. Most of the local announcers are all over the top. They wear you out. Just let me watch or listen to game, please. I don’t need the three ring circus.

  3. Zumoff is the King of Cliches, with the same old tired phrases. Merrill and Mush Mouth Mike are too much for me, and I know it isn’t their call but every second is “brought to you by…” and every little commercial is annoying. LA and Franzke are by far my favorite, while the TV crew is passable at best. McCarthy just doesn’t do anything for me. Flyers TV/radio crew is by far the worst in Phila history. Jim Jackson screaming, “NO CALL!!! whenever a Flyerr player trips over his own feet is the worst.

    When I watch Sixers or Flyers I always look forward to national broadcast

    1. I know the brought to you by is annoying but that’s the Eagles Network. It’s all about making money. I put Merrill up there with HK.

  4. 19th way too high for these two clowns. 30th is about right.

  5. big fucking deal
    the 76ers are ahack organization supported by a sucker fanbase that is okay with tanking for 4 years!
    how you dumb fucks enjoy paying the 45% ticket price increase coming up!

    1. …but we “tanked to the top”? Didn’t you read the Book? If it wasn’t for corona, we would have won the championship this year, right? Keep Trustin’ that Process!

    2. DMFUR so why are you here, idiot? I’m guessing DMFUR stands for ‘ dumb motherfuker’

  6. And raised them to 29. Too many cliches and too many look how clever I am comments from Ala.

  7. Since I’ve dropped Comcast I’ve been forced to use the internet to watch games (for free I might add) that usually use links to the opposing teams broadcast. And I must say, most are absolutely horrible. They try to talk ‘process’ and have facts wrong, they also talk about weaknesses and strengths of our players and usually have it wrong as well. Shit, even the production on Comcast is better than most… Example: On Comcast when the Sixers are getting pounded, they show highlights of the other team as they go to break. On most of those other teams broadcasts, their team could be down by 20 in the 2nd quarter going to commercial and they only show the few measly highlights of their own team. Judging by my experience, I would say Marc and Alaa AND the production team are among the best in the NBA.

    1. I have no clue what that’s even supposed to mean. And 19 is a hell of a number to pull out of your ass. I’m guessing that’s how old you are.

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