The Worst of Philadelphia, 2020 Edition: National Title Game

Sixteen entered, but only one may win.

It’s The Running Man, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Actually it’s not; it’s Crossing Broad’s Worst of Philadelphia 2020 bracket, and we’ve eliminated 14 other contestants to reach our title game. Here’s how the Final Four voting played out:

No competition here. None at all.

The defending champion, the Schuylkill Expressway, easily dispatched the city wage tax in a battle of #1 seeds. I guess the thinking here is that you only have to pay the tax if you live or work in Philadelphia, while the Schuylkill is a total nightmare for anybody unfortunate enough to drive it.

Our second matchup:

Down goes Josina!

Angelo Cataldi’s fake outrage pulls off ANOTHER upset en route to the championship. He’s the 2010 Butler Bulldogs, currently enjoying a Cinderella run like nothing we’ve never seen before. Angelo’s fake outrage has already dispatched two #1 seeds and can make it three in a row with a title game victory over the Expressway.

This championship game is the stuff of legends. We may never see another matchup like it. Be sure to vote tomorrow on my Twitter page if you want to have a say in determining the very worst of Philadelphia in 2020.

The bracket:


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  1. Can’t believe Sonny Hill’s 60 year old basketball stories or Seth Joyner’s “I’m the baddest man on the planet” act didn’t make the bracket.

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