Friday, Pennsylvania golf courses will be allowed to re-open, per Governor Wolf, who is easing restrictions on some businesses that are involved with outdoor activity.

Florida has been much more loose with restrictions, and today golf courses in the Miami region opened up, giving us a look at what might be in store for other states:

The ball can’t actually go into the hole? That’s wild. Makes sense though, because people would keep touching the cup and spread germs around.

In a follow-up tweet, Entin lists the following rules that also must be followed:

  • masks or face coverings must be worn
  • golfers must stay 6 feet apart
  • only one player per golf cart
  • all rakes and any other equipment you could touch have been removed
  • golfers over 60 years old will be separated from younger golfers when possible.

It’s gonna totally suck to golf in a mask, but whatever, at least it’s a step towards normalcy.