This May Be Angelo Cataldi’s Worst Take Yet

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Angelo got the ratio on Twitter this morning:

Let me give you some background.

Trout spoke to NBC Sports yesterday and touched on plans to resume the Major League Baseball season while voicing a couple of concerns:

“I obviously want to play as fast as we can. Get to a city, maybe Arizona, they’re throwing out Florida … but being quarantined in a city, I was reading for — if we play —  a couple of months, it would be difficult for some guys. What are you going to do with family members? My wife is pregnant, what am I going to do when she goes into labor — am I going to have to quarantine for two weeks after I come back? Obviously I can’t miss the birth of our first child. There are a lot of red flags, there are a lot of questions. Obviously we would have to agree on it as players. I think the mentality is that we want to get back as soon as we can. But it has to be realistic. It can’t be sitting in our hotel rooms, and just going from the field to the hotel room and not being able to do anything. I think that’s pretty crazy.”

I don’t see anything really truly objectionable in that response. Perhaps it’s a little tone deaf to talk about going back and forth from the hotel to the baseball field, when you’re making millions of dollars and a lot of other Americans would love to be in your situation. Maybe we could take slight umbrage with that.

But yeah, he’s got a pregnant wife, and even if they do the central location thing in Arizona or Florida, he’d have to break isolation to leave, then jump through multiple hoops to return. That’s a situation MLB and the Angels would need to figure out.

There are, of course, some people who still think athletes are “pussies” for skipping games for the birth of children, but hopefully that take is dying out. Every person on the planet Earth should be there for the birth of a child, and typically athletes only miss a game or two before returning. This happens all the time.

Angelo, however, thinks these ideas make Trout a “pampered, spoiled brat” which is the most asinine take ever. Trout is the polar opposite of pampered and spoiled. The biggest complaint is that he doesn’t do enough to market himself or put himself in the spotlight. Rob Manfred literally came out two years ago and talked about the fact that baseball’s biggest star doesn’t even want to be a star. The problem is that he’s too passive and not selfish enough.

More proof here that Angelo doesn’t even try to be creative with his fake outrage these days. He just throws shit at the wall and doesn’t care if it sticks. You really have to be reaching to go after Mike Trout, of all people, who is universally respected as a humble family man, elite baseball player, and diehard Eagles fan.

The other funny thing is that a Yankees supporter from Rhode Island, who claims to speak for Philadelphia sports fans, is calling somebody from Millville a “fraud.”

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23 Responses

  1. So you dumb fucking idiots want Trout to put himself at risk so you can be
    ‘entertained’…because your bored….
    booo fucking whooooooo

    If you would have developed some hobbies
    instead of shove your fucking piehole in your smartphone and social media
    all the fucking time you’d have something to do other than cry like a fucking little girl.

    fuck that and fuck you.

    i love how you a55wiipes always bring money into it.
    well he’s making 635454G’s so he has to do what i want.
    you are such fucking morons.

    1. lol so many ments in this one post. Not knowing the difference between your and you’re for starters. boo “whooooooo” who? Gladly says fucking or fuck throughout his low IQ rant but is self aware enough to switch asswipe to a55wipe.

    2. Clearly a professional writer. Look at the quality way he puts pen to paper. I can’t believe Sodomites Weekly laid him off, especially as we can glean from this laureate’s writings that he is a creature of many hobbies. I wonder what those are? Clearly they are better things than writing on CB, that is self-evident. Now away from this imbecile and back to Trout – he’s entitled not to play. Very simple. And his employer is entitled not to pay him if he doesn’t play. Very simple. Mr. Trout will then be eligible to collect government assistance like others in his situation. There, everyone is happy except for maybe Mr. William Shakespeare above who might, ever so eloquently mind you, remind us how unfair it all is. While engaging in his hobbies of course.

  2. Good post Kevin, I completely agree. My only issue with the post is when you said this: “Rob Manfred literally came out two years ago and talked about the fact that baseball’s biggest star doesn’t even want to be a star. ”
    2 days ago I gave you a big Hallelujah on your hot takes post when you lamented the overuse of the word literally, now literally (see what i did there) two days later, you did the same thing

    1. Trout won’t be winning a world series ring unless he plays for another team.

      The Angels are NO WHERE CLOSE to being in contention.

      He took the money and didn’t
      want to be in the spot light/pressure
      of as big market team that would have a chance to win.

      1. Agree! He could’ve gotten a blank check from the Yankees, Red Sox or Phillies, but instead he chose to remain in Anaheim, that sleepy backwater of a baseball town where he will rarely if ever play in the post season, and where most baseball fans won’t even see him on baseball much, since most of his games don’t come on until 10:00 at night (not only 81 home games but games against division rivals Seattle and Oakland not to mention inter league games against the 3 west coast NL teams. The greatest player of our generation who doesn’t want to win and doesn’t want the spotlight. I used to like Trout, but he’s really a wuss.

    1. ments from enjoyment… Jason Genova while attempting to pronounce enjoyment said… enjoy the ment. hence the ments were born.

  3. Trout puts up mad numbers with a shit team. They should be better with Rendon. I think they should be playoff team. But enough of seeing him at Eagles games. I get it he is a fan.

  4. I served on a ship in the Navy which routinely deployed overseas for 6-8 months at a time. Shipmates’ wives giving birth while they were away was a frequent occurrence. I understand that we volunteered for this possible hardship, but maybe Trout and his fellow players could think about making a similar sacrifice for the greater good. This country needs a morale boost and baseball coming back would provide it.

    And if he has to be home for the baby, can’t he get on a private jet and be home in 4 hours? Do ya think this billion dollar industry could spring for this? And so what if he has to quarantine for 2 weeks, the standings and stats for this shortened season, if it ever gets going, will be wack anyway, so big deal if he misses 2 weeks.

    And puh-leese give me a break about the hardship of having to live in a hotel room and just play baseball for a couple of months. These guys earn salaries and live lifestyles that would make them the envy of the Royal Court of King Louis in 17th Century France. And I don’t begrudge them for this, it is American capitalism in its finest form, so they are worth the money they make. But maybe they could make a sacrifice this once for the greater good.

    So instead of hiding in the sleepy backwater baseball town of Anaheim, where he will probably never play in a World Series and possibly never in a post season at all, and where no one ever sees him on TV because the games all start after 10:00 at night, grab the spotlight instead, and step up and be the superstar who takes a stand for the rest of us who want to see baseball on TV again.

    Please note, I leave it to the experts to determine if the baseball re-start can be done safely. But if it can, it should!

  5. In the same show Angelo mentioned that it was his wife’s birthday and how he was concerned that she would rather talk to other men than he. Considering his insensitivity to Trout’s desire to be with his wife for their first born, I feel sorry for Angelo’s wife.

  6. Cataldi only worries about hot takes. He’s a homebody, hermit curmudgeon who still tries to rile up his white trash audience, The last time he attended a game was during the Clinton administration. The fools who listen to him have ab average IQ of 60

  7. Trout is right the whole entire Arizona thing is just plain stupid. Either play regular baseball or dont play it. Nobody cares anymore anyway. Its not one guy the entire players association hates this concept because it is stupid.

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