Troy Vincent is Annoyed with NFL Draft Complainers

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Troy Vincent is on the right side of history with this one.

The ex-Eagle and current NFL VP of Football Operations is frustrated with the numerous complaints being logged by general managers and head coaches, who don’t want the draft to take place this month as planned. Some of the various concerns include cybersecurity and the health and safety of IT people entering homes to rig draft setups, which is ridiculous. It’s a glorified conference call, and if the rest of us can figure out how to work from home, then the uber-powerful NFL can use its unlimited resources to also figure it out.

Vincent addressed that nonsense today on Jason La Canfora’s Baltimore radio show. I was not aware that La Canfora had a Baltimore radio show, but here are some excerpts:

“Stop it!” Vincent told me Thursday afternoon as a guest on my radio show, Inside Access on 10.7 (sic) The Fan in Baltimore. “Stop it, coach. Stop it now! You saw the reports that GMs don’t like it and this and that. OK, we’re going to find out exactly where the true talent evaluators are, OK. We’re not using these big ‘ol draft rooms and all of this high tech, we’re going to go back to where we used to be. You’ve got one phone, you’ve got email and we’re going to work with our partners on Microsoft Teams and we’ve got Here, where you can talk, and you’ve got apps, and we’re going to conduct the draft as you always have.

“Forget the luxuries. I don’t want to discuss luxuries with you. We’re going to go back to just the brass knuckles. Just like as a player you prepare one way all week long and then someone says, ‘Guess what, we have to play here and it’s raining and muddy or it’s cold.’ Coach Harbaugh, no one is going to hack into your system. Stop it! You and (GM) Eric (DeCosta) and (senior advisor) Ozzie (Newsome) know exactly who you want, when you want them, if they’re available.”

Love it.

I love that answer. The talent evaluation is wrapped up. You’ve already watched the film. You’ve been to the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. You have all the information you need. You’re going to get some picks right and some picks wrong, just like any other draft.

The only issue I see here is communication with other teams and trying to smooth out pick trading via this adjusted setup. Still, that shouldn’t be an issue if they plan it out properly and do the appropriate amount of pre-draft testing.

The NFL draft is gonna happen. The NFL draft should happen. You’ve done your homework, now let’s pick the players and get on with it.

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4 Responses

  1. Yeah – he blew us quad out in the steam room at the 12th St gym. . The new one is nice.

    Thanks for not judging our lifestyle. 👬

  2. These NFL execs don’t like this method because they have never hooked up a computer in their life, always had someone else do it for them so they are afraid.
    Troy Vincent is right, they all know who they want by now, just check people off the draft board as they are selected and go on. Stupid crybabies.

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