We Have (Reportedly) Rescheduled PGA Tour Dates

Get excited!

We’ve got some good news, according to Golf Digest reporter Joel Beall:

The Memorial was originally scheduled for June 4th at Muirfield Village outside of Columbus, Ohio.

The PGA Championship was set for May 14th in San Francisco, but would be bumped back about 11 weeks, while the U.S. Open would move back two months. The Masters would be shifted from April to a college football weekend in November (God willing), which could be the biggest weekend of all time in the history of Augusta.

Golf should be pretty easy to execute during a global pandemic, theoretically, yes? Nobody needs to come within 15 feet of another human being, let alone six. We can hit the links and get the TV cameras rolling, get the legal sports betting industry up and running again. Hopefully this Joel Beall guy knows what he’s talking about, because it’s starting to get a little rough as we enter week four of self-isolation.


Here’s confirmation from The Masters:

Also this:

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2 Responses

  1. thats right you stupid fuck…
    Its all about the sports betting industry.
    you and kyle are such a selfish greedy pricks.

    your sports betting ‘mention’ quota is worse than a shitty little town with a speed trap ticket quota.

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