What We Know About the Bloodbath at Philadelphia’s Entercom Radio Stations

Entercom’s Thursday cuts were worse than expected.

Decision makers with the Philadelphia radio company implemented a wide-ranging round of layoffs and cost-cutting measures in an effort to get through the Coronavirus shut down, and they really did not hold back.

They started on the music side, axing some talent at B101 and 95.6 TDY. At the other stations, the focus seemed to be on marketing and promotions, with some higher level employees being let go.

Here’s a short list of names that I’ve heard, some of which have been confirmed as those folks take to social media, or WIP staff mentions their departures on the air:

  • Casey Reed – 96.5 WTDY morning show
  • Andrea Duffy – B101.1 midday show
  • Cindy Webster – WIP Marketing Director
  • Bryan Cole – WIP Promotions Director
  • Dan Fein – KYW NewsRadio Marketing Director
  • Sue Schilling – WIP update anchor
  • Joe Altomonte – WIP/KYW update anchor
  • Kyree Moses and others with KYW traffic (EDIT – the traffic department is apparently still intact, they just had their hours reduced)
  • some sales staff, (including a person with family ties to a high-ranking executive, which is a good example of how nobody was safe)

Additionally, on-air staff will be taking pay cuts, though I’m not sure the extent to which that affects the different stations. It sounds to me like this is an across-the-board type of thing. Part-time hours will also be reduced significantly, which might screw some of the night time and weekend hosts and producers who are not part of the regular full-time rotation. I haven’t heard anything about furloughs, as it seems like they just decided to eliminate positions entirely.

One area they targeted specifically was updates, both on WIP and KYW NewsRadio. I’ve heard that these may be gone forever.

That said, it would be worth listening to 1060 AM this morning to see if there’s any crossover sports content, or whether they adjust their format accordingly. KYW has a full-time sports anchor (Matt Leon), but you’d also hear updates from other WIP part-time talent as well, so that’s something to pay attention to moving forward.

There could be more buyouts on the way, and I’ve heard that one of the WIP weekend anchors might be exiting, though it seems like decision makers did most of the damage on Thursday. Type “Entercom” into the Twitter search bar and you’ll see that a ton of folks at their non-Philly stations also got whacked.

Pretty sad day for the radio business.


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  1. Beasley will 1 up them later today. Can only imagine the anxiety from the radio people

    1. How does that talentless twit Egenoff still have a job?

      1. Because she’s a part of a show that will probably still be able to make money in these times. Like the article said though, wouldn’t be shocked if she has to take a paycut.

  2. What is wrong with sausage these days?

    I got some hot Italian sausage for sandwiches with onions and peppers. The sausage had a sickly sweet taste with little spicy hotness.

    I look at the ingredients, and see corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup…WTF?

    Do they have to ruin everything with that stuff?

    1. I agree! Loved the approach in which Sue Schilling gave the sports updates. Really going to miss hearing her on WIP.

  3. there’s some great people on that list, which is sad, but the entercom’s Philly staff was full of fluff. Other radio companies have 1/3 of the sales staff and revenue department. While the circumstances dictated this, and the timing is bad, this felt like it was something that was a long time coming.

    1. Agreed all the way around. Fair or not, this will definitely will function in the long run as a way for Entercom (and Beasely) to trim the fat of long-tenured employees with bloated contracts. If they’re really eliminating updates altogether, would have to think long, long, long-time WIP News Director and weekend anchor Rob Charry could be a goner, could be the “weekend anchor” referred to above.

      1. I’m thinking the same thing. I mean, if I was in charge of deciding who gets let go, I’d be looking at Rob Charry. He’s been there basically since WIP started up, so I’m assuming his salary is pretty bloated compared to what he actually does.

    1. Angelo is an entertainer who somehow gets ratings apparently, though it’s hard to fathom as I find him unlistenable. He knows nothing about sports and spent this whole corona-crisis whining and sniveling about how scared he is, a fat stupid pu%%y. You can take sensible precautions with giving in to over-the-top hysterical panic-mongering, he’s done a great disservice to his listeners during this time, I’ve lost any respect I had for the fool.

      1. He gets ratings because people like you who find him unlistenable still listen to him.

        1. I’ll tell you why he gets ratings – he doesn’t care about anything but pushing people’s emotions in order to get listeners through shouting the sky is falling (on any topic, not just a virus). He isn’t scared of any coronavirus. Angela knows that the louder he screams that we are all gonna die, the more ratings he’s gonna get, it’s just the same act he’s been pulling all along. Predictably zero integrity even in the midst of a nationwide panic-demic, Angelo milks the crisis for all that it’s worth – to keep his ratings when there are no sports to rant about. It’s the same principle that all the news media uses – sober context-based information doesn’t get clicks and Angelo just follows what the rest of the media does – CLICK HERE!!

          1. If he is gone that’s basically the end of the station. Everything is based on the morning show. Listeners radio dials are tuned in the morning and stay there. It propels the whole station. They are not pay him big bucks to stay on because they want to. They are paying him because they have to.

      2. People like Angelo’s show because it is the same show every morning. It is the same as WMMR playing the same 20 songs all day every day. People like hearing the same stuff. Angelo screaming and yelling is the same as MGK and MMR playing a Led Zeppelin song.

      3. Perfect post about that venal frog voiced creep. I’ll listen to both cesspools of supposed “Sports Talk Radio” in Philly (we deserve so much better)off and on during the course of a day (mostly off). ONLY if there is a knowledgeable Guest on will I linger. Entertainer my butt. Anyone entertained in any way by him really needs to raise their standards above ground.

    2. Very sorry for those who lost their jobs and our great sports area should be ashamed that the vile Cataldis, Eskins as well as the unlistenable frat boys on the other station keep infesting our ears and airwaves.

    3. Totally hypocritical for them to be commuting and meeting their boys club every morning in their high rise clubhouse while yelling at everyone else to stay home. And doubly so for shaming NFL for not being “tech savvy” the old fossils obviously cannot or will not adapt to broadcasting from their homes.

  4. Sue Schilling knows more about sports than Angelo. But that’s damning with faint praise, I’m sorry Sue.

  5. I feel bad for Cindy. She appeared to really like that job and the attention she got because of it.

    She was always cool to hang out with at Phillies events.

  6. Hey, just out of rehab. Anyone have the address for the safe injection site in South Philly set up by the Gov?
    I really want to scare some junk and shoot up safely.

  7. Never forget the classic Sue Schilling “Barbaro is dead” line

      1. My bad got the update broads mixed up. Great line

  8. yo yo yo ….all still good at the Gambler. Tune into my show today where we’ll be setting up a GoFundMe for Cindy Webster to keep tanning that gorgeous mug of her’s.

    Much love. One.

  9. At least 84 year old Sonny Hill survived the cut. And he’s on the Sixers payroll too. Well done Sonny.

  10. Perfect post about that venal frog voiced creep. I’ll listen to both cesspools of supposed “Sports Talk Radio” in Philly (we deserve so much better)off and on during the course of a day (mostly off). ONLY if there is a knowledgeable Guest on will I linger. Entertainer my butt. Anyone entertained in any way by him really needs to raise their standards above ground.

  11. Hmmm. Some of the WIP hosts (1 in particular, Jolovitz) were asserting that anyone who considered the effects of this pandemic on the economy were nothing but cold-hearted moneygrubbing scumbags. We’ll see if a hard dose of reality tempers that attitude.

    1. Jolovitz is a condescending arrogant asshole. I wonder if he works at being that way; or does it come naturally?

    2. Jolly has the worst voice in radio and is as dumb as Angelo with his panic-mongering. I guess cause both of them are fat out of shape waddling train wrecks, they fear the virus will get them worse. Keep your shrill hysteria to yourself – if we want to hear sensationalist drivel, we’ll watch the news, thank you very much WIP pu$$ies.

  12. Haven’t heard Cataldi talk in weeks. He only shouts. (this causes the famous Rhea chuckle), I have found myself changing channels more often every morning. Bye-Bye-O.

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