Entercom’s Thursday cuts were worse than expected.

Decision makers with the Philadelphia radio company implemented a wide-ranging round of layoffs and cost-cutting measures in an effort to get through the Coronavirus shut down, and they really did not hold back.

They started on the music side, axing some talent at B101 and 95.6 TDY. At the other stations, the focus seemed to be on marketing and promotions, with some higher level employees being let go.

Here’s a short list of names that I’ve heard, some of which have been confirmed as those folks take to social media, or WIP staff mentions their departures on the air:

  • Casey Reed – 96.5 WTDY morning show
  • Andrea Duffy – B101.1 midday show
  • Cindy Webster – WIP Marketing Director
  • Bryan Cole – WIP Promotions Director
  • Dan Fein – KYW NewsRadio Marketing Director
  • Sue Schilling – WIP update anchor
  • Joe Altomonte – WIP/KYW update anchor
  • Kyree Moses and others with KYW traffic (EDIT – the traffic department is apparently still intact, they just had their hours reduced)
  • some sales staff, (including a person with family ties to a high-ranking executive, which is a good example of how nobody was safe)

Additionally, on-air staff will be taking pay cuts, though I’m not sure the extent to which that affects the different stations. It sounds to me like this is an across-the-board type of thing. Part-time hours will also be reduced significantly, which might screw some of the night time and weekend hosts and producers who are not part of the regular full-time rotation. I haven’t heard anything about furloughs, as it seems like they just decided to eliminate positions entirely.

One area they targeted specifically was updates, both on WIP and KYW NewsRadio. I’ve heard that these may be gone forever.

That said, it would be worth listening to 1060 AM this morning to see if there’s any crossover sports content, or whether they adjust their format accordingly. KYW has a full-time sports anchor (Matt Leon), but you’d also hear updates from other WIP part-time talent as well, so that’s something to pay attention to moving forward.

There could be more buyouts on the way, and I’ve heard that one of the WIP weekend anchors might be exiting, though it seems like decision makers did most of the damage on Thursday. Type “Entercom” into the Twitter search bar and you’ll see that a ton of folks at their non-Philly stations also got whacked.

Pretty sad day for the radio business.