Will Cain Reportedly Leaving ESPN for Fox News

Will Cain is a disgusting Dallas Cowboys fan, but at least he’s actually from Texas and not one of the cockroaches in this region that pulls for the team.

The radio host and frequent First Take guest is reportedly leaving ESPN and returning to political commentary, per multiple reports. Here’s Andrew Marchand at the NY Post:

…the departure of afternoon host Will Cain from ESPN Radio appears imminent. He is soon expected to sign a contract with Fox News and Fox Nation, according to sources.

ESPN declined comment, while a Fox News spokeswoman did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Cain was a conservative political pundit before joining ESPN in 2015. Maybe you remember him from CNN and The Blaze.

At ESPN, he’d oftentimes appear on First Take and give the conservative counter argument for a specific topic, like the time he sided with Flyers fans who were against the removal of the Kate Smith statue and macro-level dig into her history.

This was the clip from last April:

It should be be interesting to see how he’s used on Fox, and whether or not he moves further to the right or stays closer to the center. A lot of left wing/liberal types liked to rip him to shreds on Twitter, ala Clay Travis, but if you go back and watch old First Take clips, most of the arguments and debates he had with Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman came across as constructive and reasonable, at least to me. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, the discourse they had about Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid and similar controversies resulted in some of the better ESPN editorial material of the last five years.

Plus, you need somebody to represent a conservative mindset for these debates, or else it defeats the purpose. You can’t do a segment about national anthem kneeling and have three liberals or three conservatives sitting at the desk. The whole point of bringing him on the show was to give the other side of the argument.

Time’s yours.

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3 Responses

  1. “It should be be interesting to see how he’s used on Fox, and whether or not he moves further to the right or stays closer to the center.”

    come on now.

  2. Just listened to josh innes podcast with Andy bloom as a guest . He’s not a big fan of the Kyle . Andy sounded a little c0ked up

  3. You realize in Philadelphia we have 2 full time sports radio channels and a full time NBC Sports tv channel?

    No one cares about or listens to ESPN national broadcasts in Philly. People like Will Cain are a big deal in smaller markets. Not here.

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