94 WIP Will Settle Philly Sports Debates During “Once And For All” Week

WIP sits on The Iron Throne

How do sports talk radio stations operate without sports?

They do the same thing we’re all doing. Talk about the Eagles ad nauseam, discuss Jalen Hurts and the NFL draft, bring on guests to share stories, and provide the very latest Mount Rushmore of (insert topic here).

94 WIP, which recently rolled out the very trollish and entertaining “Andy Reid Appreciation Day,” is presenting us with another similar jawn, this one dubbed “Once and for All Week,” as described here:

Welcome to the official page of SportsRadio94WIP’s Once And For All, which will be happening in May.

This month we will take your submissions (see below) and determine which debates are the greatest in Philadelphia sports history. Then, on 94WIP and through Twitter polls, we will finally settle the top 5 debates, one each day, during the week of May 18th.

Below that blurb, there’s a form where you write your name and then submit your entry for the outstanding debate that needs to be settled. I wrote “Kevin” in the name form and then added “Is Villanova a Philly school?” for my debate question. Hopefully that topic makes the final cut.

But we shall see what the listeners want to debate. I’m sure we’ll be talking about Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb that week. Probably Sam Hinkie and the Process as well. And then after we settle these topics, once and for all, we’ll continue to talk about them for the next 30 years anyway.

Time’s yours.


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  4. I sent in mine…..”Is Howard Eskin still relevant, and if so, why”?

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