Adam Schefter Doesn’t Think Eagles’ Reported Jadeveon Clowney Interest is “Real and Serious”

USA Today Sports

Tuesday night, a Houston sports anchor tweeted Jadeveon Clowney workout video, which included this blurb:

“Clowney acknowledges @Seahawks remain on his radar,loved playing there. Other teams expressing interest according to NFL sources incl @Browns, @Ravens, @Titans &@Eagles.”

Hmm yeah. That would be interesting if they brought in the guy who knocked Carson Wentz out of the playoffs just a few months ago.

Of course it’s not up to the fans, and Clowney is a great player, so putting him at defensive end with Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave, and Brandon Graham filling out the rest of the d-line spots would be a pretty nasty look. Question is whether the Eagles actually have any interest or the cap space to do it, so Marc Farzetta asked Adam Schefter about the rumor on 97.5 the Fanatic this morning.

Schefty, in part:

“Showing interest, what does that mean? The Philadelphia Eagles show interest in just about every free agent, they check in on a lot of people because you never know how low a price would go.”

I wouldn’t classify it right now as something ‘real and serious’. Clowney wants teams to think there’s five teams interested in him.”

Doesn’t seem like there’s much there, but crazier things have happened. If the season began today, we’d have Derek Barnett starting, and the jury seems out to be out on the former first round pick who now enters his fourth year with the Birds.

This is the report from the Houston guy:


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