Adrian Peterson Believes Redskins “Have the Tools to Run the Table”

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson has enjoyed a nice career resurgence since signing with Washington in 2018.

The Redskins totally stink, but he put up 1,042 yards his first season and followed up with 898 last year, which is fantastic output from a 35 year old player with more than 2,500 career carries at the time of his signing.

Washington should start to get their act together under Ron Rivera, and Peterson is feeling confident about the team outlook, saying this Thursday (via Steve Gardner at USA Today) –

After last year’s 3-13 record and last-place finish in the NFC East, the Washington Redskins have nowhere to go but up.

However, veteran running back Adrian Peterson is aiming much higher.

“I really feel like we have what it takes to be that team that takes it all the way,” Peterson told reporters Thursday on a Zoom call. “It’s all about just getting the pieces together, getting into our rhythm and molding as the season starts.”

Perhaps it’s just preseason optimism, but Peterson said this team has “the best talent pool that we’ve had” in his three seasons with the Redskins. If that’s the case, maybe an NFC East title isn’t aiming high enough.

“We have the tools to run the table,” he said. “I really feel that.”

It’s good to have that type of confidence, but I would respond to Peterson the same way Bill Lumbergh responded to the Bobs when they suggested a promotion for Peter Gibbons in the 1999 movie Office Space:

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  1. Investor Jeff with a solid reach around too

  2. Remember when this guy got charged with beating his kid ? It was all over the news. Well the liberal media didn’t cover that. Another time they made it unfair to be white. It has to stop. MSM would not even touch that story. Imagine how unfair it would be if he as white!

    Anyway – Adriana is a Trump supporter. All African Americans are voting for Trump.

    1. “unfair”??? a bunch of complaining about the media???

      I’m not sure, but it sounds like Joe the Plumber is a snowflake!

      1. Hardly a snowflake. I am an alpha. No education. Internet coward. Drunk late night poster that constantly responds to himself. I am poor but live in a mansion but I forget what town it is in. Everyone is against me. I haven’t spent years on this site repeating myself for nothing. Not a snowflake.

        Harv and Eugene can verify.

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