An Emu is Slowing Traffic on Route 422

via Twitter (@twd1165)

It’s bad enough that we’re in a global pandemic, but now we’ve got an emu walking along route 422 up in Collegeville:

Maybe it’s the Liberty Mutual emu, with Doug.

Somebody come and get this emu.


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  1. zzzzzzzz. Any other blog posts from things we’ve already seen on twitter today?

  2. Liberty Liberty Liberty those commercials make me chuckle. And Omaha Steaks yum yum . Be safe people and wear those masks lol. KATE

  3. Action News reported that they corralled him but really that fuckin shit bird got what he deserved: A 77 mph Kenworth eviscerated him. Problem solved, vigilante style 🤘🏽

  4. Great content kevin. We’ve been trying to reach you about a contract but Kyle keeps deleting the emails. Were talking 6 figures.

  5. Kevin could you put us in touch with the photographer? We’re offering 6 figures. We’ll give you $5 to write the byline.

  6. Yo save me dat bird bro! Shit would go niiiice with some sweet potato pie and watermelon 🍉

  7. Whenever one of these stunning creatures gets loose, I always recommend nothing less than total annihilation of the bird via anti aircraft weaponry

  8. Kevin you’re opening yourself up to legal issues regarding animal cruelty media law.

  9. Kevin you might be facing a class action from readership on this lame, mailed in story.

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    On the final day, Manchester City, needing a win to finish first in the table, comes back from 2-1 down to QPR to score two goals in extra time and snatch the title from Manchester United.

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