People are getting antsy.

You can feel it as Memorial Day approaches. They want to be outside, sitting on the beach, biking on the boardwalk, and rolling up to Smitty’s Clam Bar for BYOB seafood.

New Jersey officials are aware, and they know that continuing the LOCKDOWN into shore season is gonna result in a big economic hit, so now we’re hearing about things slowly reopening. Steve Keeley at FOX 29 this morning shared a letter from the Avalon and Stone Harbor mayors, who will open beaches Friday on a limited basis:


It’s a start. Seems kind of goofy that you won’t allow people to just sit on the beach, six feet apart, but with a lot of pent up frustration out there, you’d probably have a bazillion folks all descending on the sand at once, crowding each other and not following the rules. Opening up in a staggered and safe fashion makes sense from that perspective.

We’re getting there. We’re slowly getting over the hump. Just don’t be a knucklehead, as Governor Murphy would say.