Bored Graphic Designer Whips Up COVID-19 Philly Sports Logos

courtesy of Jay Miller

Got an email from a guy named Jay who describes himself as a “bored graphic designer under quarantine.” As such, he decided to create some pretty rad Philadelphia sports logos that I’ve shared below, after the jump:

The Sixers logo is gnarly.

I also like the Eagle with the gas mask. Perhaps we could turn that into a real-life costume at the next tailgate, kind of like Fallout 76 meets Bioshock meets Northeast Philadelphia, like a post-apocalyptic, but blue-collar and lunch pail getup.

Shout out to Jay for sharing these with us. 

He also did some non-Philly jawns:


7 Responses

  1. Jay sucks and we all know Kyle is gonna sell t shirts with Jay’s design!

  2. wow..that really impressive?
    Which version of microsoft ‘paint’ did he use?
    the one that came with windows NT in 1998?

    shitty amateur job – similar to what kinks and kyle do with crossingbroad and selling
    fake shirts, shill for gambling industry and steal articles….

    i wouldn’t be surprised if kyle hires this hack……..

      1. I would imagine somehow it would be better than being illiterate.

        Your mom and I rarely go to the basement since we bought the ball gag.

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