Eagles’ Onside Kick Proposal Will be Voted on Next Week

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Back in March you may recall the Eagles submitted four rule changes for NFL consideration.

The Birds wanted to modify the blindside block rule and make alterations to overtime, two proposals that have since been scrapped.

However, the other proposals, which touch on replay and an onside kick alternative, are still alive and will advance to virtual meetings next week, May 28th:

75% of owners need to approve a proposal in order for that change to be implemented, and it seems like the onside kick idea is picking up some steam. Today Tom Pelissero and Albert Breer mentioned “growing support” for the idea in a pair of tweets, so we’ll see what happens next week.

The Birds’ idea has a bit of an XFL vibe to it, but it would make for some excitement in the fourth quarter of a close game. At NFL.com, Judy Battista notes that “in the last two seasons, just 10.4 percent of onside kicks were recovered.” This would make a late comeback a little more feasible.


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