This street fight is all over social media today. It’s more than viral. It’s whatever comes next after viral.

Anyway, few details here, but Twitter user “Leo Senpai” says the guy without the shirt started the fight and was calling his opponent racial slurs. He then proceeded to get walloped:

That was a pretty thorough beatdown. The shirtless guy is holding his hands up like the Notre Dame mascot, while glasses guy has a traditional karate stance. Excellent distance and counter punching from him, and then he just starts unloading.

Some background from Leo:

“Yes the guy who was shirtless deserved it. He started it. Before this he was yelling at glasses guy calling him every racial slur too, shirtless man threw the first swing as well. And literally anytime I’ve ever talked to him he always says disgusting things towards women.”

“The reason this ass whooping was dished was because he joked about ‘oh I could just hog tie her up'”

“After all this shirtless dude had a round 2 but with a 2×4 then cops were called BUT shirtless got broken ribs and nose, and roundhouse kick man got a broke arm”

“And for the record shirtless guy said some rapey shit about some one walking down the street and skinny dude wasn’t having it.”

If what Leo is saying is true, then it would seem that shirtless guy deserved the ass kicking.