Former Eagles Laugh Off Story Claiming Saints Would Have Won NFC Championship Game

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Some guy named Hayden Reel at the Canal Street Chronicles SB Nation blog wrote a story titled “What if the Minneapolis Miracle Never Happened?”

Good question. What if the Saints had completed their comeback instead of blowing a late lead by allowing the Vikings go 75 yards on four plays for a touchdown?

Writes Reel:

The Saints almost certainly would have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Title Game if the Minneapolis Miracle didn’t happen. In the immortal words of Alvin Kamara: “We’d beat the s–t out of the Eagles cause we was rolling.” The Saints were rolling at the time, having erased a 17 point deficit at halftime only to lose to the football gods for the first of three straight years.

Chris Long laughed off the story with a Michael Jordan meme while Torrey Smith responded in this fashion:

Yep. Nobody was beating the Eagles that day. Not the Vikings, not the Saints, not the 1985 Chicago Bears or 1972 Miami Dolphins. The Birds were DESTINED for the Super Bowl.

Saints fans are kind of annoying, aren’t they? Playing the “we would have beaten the Eagles” card just seems incredibly pitiful when you couldn’t even hold a lead with 25 seconds remaining on the clock. This would be like Sixers fans saying that the team would have won the NBA title if Kawhi’s shot didn’t go in, as if the Bucks and Warriors’ series would have been gimmes.

I agree with Torrey Smith. The Eagles would have whooped that ass.

Time’s yours.


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  1. yeah and if h i t l e r hadn’t invaded russia we’d all be speaking german.

    this revisonist histoyr is just B U L L S H I T!

  2. hmm let me guess. some fat fuck saints fan thinks they would have won 4 SB’s in the 1970’s
    if the steelers would have been renamed the saints.

    hows that pass interference lawsuit going saints fans?
    put those f u c k i n g bags back over your heads..this time without air holes.

    what is belechik was a saints head coach and they drafted brady?

    what is k i n k e r didn’t get s h *i tc a n n e d from C * B * S f o r calling someone a r a c i a l term ‘p’ u ‘ t ‘o’??

    what if k y l e quit selling f a k e ts h i rts?

  3. The Saints would’ve beat Philadelphia like they did in 2013. Sean Payton would’ve totally out coached Pederson. The Eagles were a fraud team that was damn lucky against The Vikings

  4. This is as sad as the Sixers fans who think the Kawhi Leonard shot is what separated them from a title last year. You lost, deal with it.

  5. I would’ve bet heavily on the Saints. But it doesn’t matter. Should’ve played softer coverage vs. The Vikings.

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