Gary Bettman Making “Formal Announcement” on NHL’s Return to Play


Jose from Norristown should be very happy right about now, because in a few hours Commissioner Gary Bettman will announce the National Hockey League’s return to play plan as we slowly exit the COVID-19 shutdown:

4:30 p.m. on NBC Sports Network.

Let’s get the Flyers back in action, because we’re gonna beat Washington, we’re gonna beat Boston, we’re gonna beat St. Louis, and then we’re marching Lord Stanley’s Cup down Broad Street.


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      1. uh oh Karen aka Mikey Miss intern thinks everyone here is Joe. Talk about delusional. “but my tv told me that most people think just like me and fear their own black shadows!”

      1. $200 the flyers don’t win the cup ‘this season’
        against you coming clean about getting f i r e d FROM C B S
        for calling m e x i c a n s p u t o s.

        What do you say K E V Y?

  1. I hope they open the Well Fargo Center to patients…i mean ‘fans’.

    I’m looking forward to going back to sec126 and servicing the glory hole in stall #4.
    I don’t leave a mess either.
    I’ll swallow the evidence.

    I cut a whole in my mask so you get ‘full satisfaction’

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