German Soccer League Cleared to Resume Play Without Fans

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like Germany and South Korea are leading the way in the COVID-19 return to sports department. We’ve got Korean baseball games on ESPN right now, and soon we’re gonna see the return of the German Bundesliga, which was given the all clear from Chancellor Angela Merkel to resume without fans later this month.

Via Sky Sports:

The Bundesliga season is free to restart in the second half of May after the German government gave the green light on a return to action.

The league is the first of any of Europe’s major leagues to be given clearance to resume playing, since the coronavirus pandemic took hold. Two of Germany’s neighbours, the Netherlands and France, have ended their seasons.

Matches in Germany’s top two divisions can take place later this month, without spectators.


The Bundesliga’s General Assembly will be held in Frankfurt on Thursday to discuss the health and safety protocol to ensure the league’s safe return. They are expected to decide on the start date and match calendar in that meeting.

Teams had nine or ten games remaining on the schedule, with Bayern Munich currently leading Borussia Dortmund by four points at the top of the table.

And look, if you’re a “four for four” Philly sports fan, you probably don’t give a flying fuck about German soccer, but we should all be rooting for a successful Bundesliga return. If they pull it off in a way that’s safe for players, officials, and other personnel, then it’s a blueprint we can use to get the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB back on track here in the USA.


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  1. If a game ends without a goal , and nobody is there to see it did it happen?

    1. no one in the USA gives a flying shit about soccer
      EXCEPT parents of crying weak kids.
      Kids who have no skills to play real sports so they get dumped into a special ‘everyone gets a gold star’ sport like SOCCER.

      fucking kunts.

      1. I am getting the impression that CrossingBroad is posting to much useless soccer info.

  2. lol you can’t go to watch a ball game! but you can wait in line with “infected” people to get tested. constitutional rights do NOT stop even during “national emergencies”

    1. is it a strangers constitutional right to punch ignorant fuckwads in the face?

      where did a dumb fuck like you get their law degree at anyway?

      1. i mean you could. but your limp wrist would break. i love how I’m the ignorant one when you don’t know the law hahaha. I understand why you’re angry, if I looked like you and was built like you I would be angry too

  3. Smart, calculated decisions based on science vs. ignorant, childish buffoonery.

    Crushed by a liberal female.

    Thanks Don.

    Congratulations Germany. Having an actual leader instead of a child must be nice.

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