Get Ready for a Virtual Fourth of July

Everything is being cancelled left and right.

No World Baseball Classic. No Little League World Series. The Decibel Metal and Beer Fest was postponed until 2021.

But the Wawa Welcome America Festival will soldier on, only this year Philadelphia’s annual Independence Day celebration will relocate from the Art Museum to your computer, as organizers plan to do it virtually.

FOX 29:

Philadelphia’s July 4th celebration will be held June 28th through July 4th and will be entirely virtual, according to Mayor Kenney and Michael DelBene, the President and CEO of Wawa Welcome America.

The week-long festival will have different events that highlight the arts, history and culture of Philadelphia in new ways while observing social distancing guidelines.

While the festival will not be held in the landmarks of the city, the Wawa Welcome to America team promises that there are plenty of exciting things that they will be planning to do to celebrate the 28th year.


The city will also partner with LiveNation to broadcast a concert live on July 4th for viewers to enjoy from their homes.

Hmm, well since it’s virtual, and the performers don’t need to be physically located in Philadelphia, maybe we can get a banging lineup this year. Maybe we can get The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi to perform from their mansions. And then for a special treat, KISS reunites for the 400th time and does a special version of “Lick it Up,” exclusive for Wawa Welcome America viewers.

Of course, this is a LiveNation production, so they’ll probably find a way to implement a $7.99 service charge, a $4.99 processing fee, then $3.75 in taxes before you can actually watch the gig.


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  1. To prove how WOKE he is; Mike Missanelli will jog through the ‘Hood tonight and no one will bother Woke Mike.

      1. When will you start inviting some of those brothas, to your main line mansion or your Jersey Shore house?

  2. I remember when Kyle made Jim Adair stop selling his own T shirts. Have you cleared your jersey sales with Kyle?

    Is there any update on where the donations from the CB buffs has been designated? Haven’t heard a peep from Kyle.

    1. If Walter Cronkite had this kind of fan support he would have quit and we’d still be fighting the Viet Nam war. I mean skirmish.

  3. yall should move South. Everything is essentially back to normal right now. I will bleed Eagles green (and Phillies red, etc) forever, but leaving the north was the best move ever.

  4. Where flies and people have handled your portion before you get to eat it. CGI fireworks display. Patti LaBelle and Quest Love for the hundredth friggin’ time. Sounds good to me

  5. Enough! The quarantine is over. If your a healthy person, go back to your normal life. If you’re a fat fuck, get in shape. No more masks, no more social distancing.

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