Giants Cornerback DeAndre Baker Wanted on Armed Robbery Charges

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker is wanted on armed robbery charges, along with Seattle’s Quinton Dunbar.

Baker was a first round draft pick in 2019 and played in both games against the Eagles. Now he’s accused of stealing watches and money at gunpoint.

Here’s the relevant portion of the arrest report via Miramar, Florida authorities:

This is some pretty serious stuff, eh?

Baker, for what it’s worth, didn’t have a great rookie season. He was called out for performance issues and gave up a lot of touchdowns. Dave Gettleman traded up to get him last year and referred to him as the best cover corner in the draft.

Might be a short NFL career if these allegations are true.

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12 Responses

  1. God I hope this is true. Lollll – 5.6 M signing bonus, and this dumb fuck is committing public armed robbery. At least he didn’t shoot himself in the leg?

  2. I’m riding in my 2002 Ford f150. Me and my 6 children like to sit on the pecaneek table and listen to thee bug zapper while my wife makes tortillas. It’s an honest life. Perhaps tonight I shall die in my sleep.

  3. I had a feeling Nate Solder and Danny Dimes weren’t the fellas involved in felonious activity says:

    I take care of my kids!!!

  4. I expect nothing less from the 13% ers. Day is what day is and always will be dat

  5. Oh my Lord this is quite tense.
    Now lookee here he looks mighty upset
    Too much commotion. I be in the back of a news van.
    I see OJ and he looks scared.
    And Baba Booyey to y’all!!!

  6. They commit these kind of crimes and much worse EVERYDAY! But people like Malcolm Jenkins focus on the “jogger” in Georgia.

  7. Myanamar? What were they doing in Burma? Can’t they find a party here in the good ol US?

  8. Both of these guys were incredible draft picks! Besides tremendous speed, strength & agility, they both scored very high in the Wonderlic Test.

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