Here’s a Feel-Good Sixers Video on a Tuesday Morning

via Sixers

Here’s a Sixers video that might make you feel better, if you’re down in the COVID-19 doldrums:

Nice job by the Sixers’ video team.

We need basketball back, badly. One of the more depressing COVID sights is walking past the playground and seeing that the rims have been physically removed from the backboards. Can’t wait for those sons of bitches to be re-installed so we can get back to it.


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  1. Anteater SandFillipino is a fraud who just talks up anyone who buys him a beer or has a drink with him. Fraud fake news hockey reporter.

  2. come one kinkies
    now video of that fat fuck embiid chugging down 3 whopper meals deal and then getting tired
    and needing a break in the 2nd qtr?
    falling down on the job………….

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