Here’s the Eagles’ Preseason Schedule

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles preseason schedule will consist of four straight Thursday night games on NBC 10:

Get excited for Philadelphia Eagles preseason football, played in front of zero fans. At least we’ll get to see Jalens Reagor and Hurts (and the others rookies), assuming these games even take place.

Time’s yours.

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6 Responses

  1. any dimwitted and lazy top 50 hot take lists for today?

  2. k i n k er

    Do the eagles have any P,,U,,T,, O ‘ S on the team this year??
    Will k=y=l=e f i r e your lazy a s s… if you use P,, U,, T,, O,,
    on the c r o s s i n g b r o a d…. t ,w ,i ,t ,t ,e ,r…. account?

    Or will he let you slide like he did when you got… s ,h ,i ,t ,c ,a ,n ,n ,e, d….
    from c-b-s for using r, a, c, i, s,, t…. r e m a r k s with the c-,b,-s…. t, ,w ,i ,t ,t, e, r….


  3. Oh great. The stupid Lehigh Valley laid out the red carpet for Trump. Thousands lined the streets in support of him. Don’t they know he is bad? Wake up people. Vote Biden, he will save our economy and protect our women!

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