Joe Girardi Has Heard “Some Chatter” About July 1st MLB Return

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, former big league player Trevor Plouffe went on Twitter and said he’s hearing about a July 1st start date for Major League Baseball:

That was tossed around a bit, with some people hearing similar and others poo-pooing the report.

Today, Phillies manager Joe Girardi was on the WIP morning show and said the following about the July 1st date:

“You know, I’ve heard some chatter about that as well. And I still think it really comes down to, Angelo, we’re at the mercy of our federal and state governments. That’s what we’re at the mercy of. We have to make sure states are open and we have to make sure that there are plenty of tests and that we’re not endangering anyone, and once we figure those things out I think we’ll be back. But, God, that would be great if we could be back by then, wouldn’t it?”

The fact that he responded in that manner is… somewhat reassuring? In a world where most athletes and managers are offering very little in terms of league and team discussions, the fact that Girardi didn’t shut down Plouffe’s report gives me a little bit of hope. Perhaps in two months we’ll be watching the Philadelphia Phillies instead of staying up until 1 a.m. to watch Aaron Altherr and the NC Dinos of the Korean Baseball Organization.


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  1. I wonder how many people will be dead or out of work by then.

    Maybe we shouldn’t have ignored the warnings.

    Things don’t seem to be going very well.


        1. “…the new coronavirus pandemic could kill as many as 2.2 million people in the U.S., according to a report from the Imperial College of London Covid-19 Response Team. Even taking critical steps such as social distancing of the entire population, isolation of the sick in their homes, and quarantining family members of the sick, the epidemic will likely soon overwhelm the critical care capacity of American hospitals”

          70k is alot less then 2.2 million. Must have done something right but lets always make something political

        2. thats all fake bullshit news.

          If Biden wouldn’t have stuck his fist up that women’s snatch
          and played with young girl’s hair he could have easily beat Trump.
          But nooooo. he had to finger bang that women because he couldn’t control
          himself. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

  2. This morning, I listened to sports talk radio for the first time in two months. Both 97.5 and 94.1 were talking about how they like their cheesesteaks.

    Can’t they just play Van Halen all day on one of them all day?

  3. AOC says it’s not safe! Do not go back to work! Do not pay your rent!

    The message of the left folks.

    Trump 2020 baby!

  4. Maybe something or someone relevant might be a better use of your babbling.

    Things seem to be going very well.

    Reliable transportation
    Team player


  5. Seems like every time I turn on wip or 97.5 they are playing clips from phils World Series 2008 victory. That or Jeff from Camden is on

  6. Yea what is it scientist

    I am a life long Democrat. Have never and could never vote republican. But I can not vote for Biden. I will not vote this year as long as he is their candidate. I am not the only one.

    1. lol you gave yourself away, “as long as he is THEIR candidate” who is they? the democrats? you said you’re democrat. you’re the they then. Don’t worry bud, they are going to roll killary and big mike O to take his place. then you can vote sport! not that is going to matter though, because Trump is going to boat race you… again.

  7. Yea, me and my friends are the same way , we won’t vote at all if it’s Biden.

    1. Look, everyone knows I’m a Trump guy, but I still have good friends that are Democrats. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing. That’s a huge part of our country. I believe it’s extremely important for us to be able to criticize the president no matter who it is. That’s what separates us from those animals in the Middle East.

          1. I would like to thank me for agreeing with me. I am a bulldozer driver making $20 an hour that pretends to be a rich plumber on the internet.

            Once again – thank me for thanking me while I pretend to agree with me. Follow along. I am nuts.

            Me thanking me is thankless, but thanks to me I have thanks.

            I am all good.

  8. That’s a top 10 Koo koo moment.

    The handling of the virus has been top notch.

    The economy seems to be doing well.


    1. lol! The governors of CA and NY both said Trump did a great job! Lol. Stop watching CNN, it’s not helping you.

  9. I’m pretty sure they fixed the polling system since 2016. Biden is winning in all 50 states right now. Sorry Joe 🤣🤣🤣 Biden wins by a landslide. You better enjoy your dangerous guns while you can. Cause we are taking them!

  10. This guy is going to make the Great Depression seem like a time of prosperity. The only person benefiting from this clown is me. Welcome to the Greater Depression.

    The legacy – “it will magically disappear”.

    Way to go Don. We appreciate the leadership.

    1. I know but imagine how much worse it would be if a Democrat was in office and afraid to close the borders !

  11. Kenny – I appreciate the uneducated, blind loyalty.

    I was told about this potential disaster in December and didn’t do anything for months. By the time I “closed the borders” the invisible enemy was ripping up the country.

    Do me a favor because I don’t even believe what you are saying. Just keep blaming Obama. If that doesn’t work, blame my plan to recovery on the Democrats. I know..I know it is my plan, but my base will repeat anything – like you just did.

    Hey Halfwit Hoover – shut up. I wasn’t talking about the virus magically disappearing – I was talking about jobs.

    Things seem to be going very well. Nobody has ever seen such a fantastic job. Nobody has ever seen it. People tell me that.

    Don’t forget Benghazi.

  12. The virus is only killing people in nursing homes.
    It shut down the economy
    It prevents Biden from debating Trump
    It forces mail in voting
    Stops meat production
    Increases plant based foods.

    1. Oh yea and Trudeau passed a complete gun confiscation law for a guy who committed a crime with an illegal gun at a time where parliament could not vote on it.

  13. Conspiracy theories to deflect attention to what is really going on.

    Only killing people in nursing homes?
    Mail in ballots – known Republican cheating method.
    Shutting down meat factories – but only nursing homes are affected?
    Keeps Biden from debating a man that poops his pants?
    Increases plant based foods?!!

    Lol – Don’t look at reality, try to crate a new reality.

    Desperate times.


    Talk about strange. Make up stuff about Canada. Just don’t look at what is really happening.

    Nice job Donny. Thanks for the leadership.

    1. Another paranoid conservative went on a killing rampage.

      Once was enough for Canada, so they are trying to do something about it. Where did you get confused?

      What does that have to do with Trump pooping his pants? You can still have your guns. It’s ok. There is no conspiracy.

      Deflect much?

      FYI – Canada is not upstate NY. It is a different country.

      Glad I could help.

  14. Does anyone know if Joe Biden has big knuckles , hand, fingers, glove size?

    I’m trying to get a picture of who will play him in the ” finger banging”
    scene in the movie when it comes out?
    Andre The Giant?
    Nick Foles?

    Who will play the woman?

    Sarah Jessica Parker?

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