Monty G Gives Update From Rehab, Baby Baby

via Twitter

Let’s check in with Philadelphia sports megafan Monty G, who recently survived a COVID-19 scare and is now doing rehabilitation:

Baby baby.

Monty got out of the hospital about three weeks ago. He was previously on a ventilator after being placed into an induced coma during his Coronavirus battle.


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  1. I told my Doctors & Nurses to get me well real quick! I just can’t wait to scam some more free food & tickets to the Eagles & Sixers. And keep putting money in my GoFundMe account suckers.

  2. Monty G is nothing more than a Uncle Joe Biden supporting liberal.

    If he would have supported Donald Trump he wouldn’t be in this mess.
    All liberals sflakes are destined to suffer the same fate.

    Those early morning “brekfesses” of eggs and wings didn’t help either.

    If we would have been able to goto gyms he wouldn’t be a fat fuck.

  3. Glad our health care workers have so much free time to make tik tok videos of their song and dance routines they’ve been rehearsing during the pandemic. That and they are well fed on all the free pizza.

  4. Eat like a pig, free tickets, free healthcare, GoFundMe money, act like a fan…. it’s a wonderful scam.

  5. So did this fat fuck give birth to triplets or what?
    Any updates on this kinks?

  6. Monty wants to know if Chickies & Pete’s accepts EBT cards. He’s craving crabfries, wings and beer.

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