New Jersey Gym Decides to Open Despite Shutdown Order

via Steve Keeley of FOX 29

God willing, we’ll have sports to talk about this week, but the big story on Action News is this gym in New Jersey, which is opening up despite Governor Phil Murphy’s shutdown orders.

The news trucks are everywhere. You probably saw the clips this morning outside of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, where we’ve got police, reporters, supporters, and pretty much everybody under the sun. It’s not really a complicated story. The owner opened up even though he’s not supposed to, resulting in clips like this one:

And this one:


No police response yet, at least not that I’ve seen cross the wires. Keeley had an update later saying that no state police were on hand, just local officers to keep the peace, which has happened thus far. No incidents to report and it seems like business as usual inside of the gym.

Here’s my moderate personal take on COVID-19 and the gatherings you saw this weekend:

First, I think people are looking at the concepts of “risk taking” and “individual freedom” the wrong way. It’s not about putting yourself at risk, it’s about putting other people at risk.


There’s a rickety old wooden rollercoaster at the park, which is dangerous. Person A rides the rollercoaster, knowing the risk. Person B doesn’t ride the rollercoaster, also knowing the risk. In a vacuum, these two folks make a decision that’s appropriate for them. No problem, life goes on.

The issue with COVID-19 is that risk doesn’t exist inside a vacuum. If you go to to Manco and Manco and get Coronavirus, then go to the Fishtown ACME, you might infect a cashier who is just trying to do their essential job with as little risk as possible.

That doesn’t make the cashier a “beta cuck liberal soy boy,” it just means they’re trying to mitigate potential harm as much as possible. You can’t do that when some people are going to Manco and some people aren’t.

Of course, sitting inside of our houses forever is not realistic, and we need to think of ways to safely reopen the economy, or else we’re going to cripple small businesses like Atilis and crush the hard work of people just trying to make an honest living and chase the American dream. The folks running this gym are watching their business fall apart and don’t have a lot of options here, so I can understand why they’re reopening despite orders not to.

We just have to be less selfish overall and stop making this a black and white issue of “you’re either a pussy or you’re not,” because that’s not an accurate description of what’s going on. There’s much more nuance, and if we can find a reasonable middle ground here, we can save lives and help small businesses at the same time.

Thank you, and good morning.


Here’s an update:

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35 Responses

  1. The curve is obviously flattened. Then why the gov keeping the gym closed? Hospitals have the capacity, keeping businesses closed is just over-reaching tyranny. If you’re too scared to go to the gym, stay the hell home then, I’m fine with you being scared. But people who aren’t cowering at home should be allowed to go to the gym and stop overreacting in hysteria.

    I feel the governor wants more federal money to cover up his incompetence and that’s why he’s still keeping businesses closed. The “science” that he crows about says the curve has not only been flattened, but declining. So why continuing to punish people trying to put food on their tables and feed their children? I’m not a virus-denier but something doesn’t add up.

    1. I’m all for idiots such as yourself going out in public and dying.
      Just make sure you and your dumb fuck drunk roid rage buddies stay away from springsteen.

      I want him to be around to write some songs about your poor horrible last gasps
      when your on the ventolator.

      BUT HEY MAN………….
      at least you got to goto the Gym.

      stupid fucking crank………

      1. p.s. news flash – you can go the Gym AND not be on a ventilator. Shh, don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret. You can still cower at home in full terror, I promise. Your reasoning is insightful and above board – except for the Springsteen line – your musical taste is awful.

  2. When did CB become another LIBERAL RAG.

    No Kevin, you are a pussy if you think staying inside is going to solve our problems.
    But Fauci said…..
    Open up everything regardless of the oppressive govt orders. We do not work for the govt, they work for us.

    It’s time the people take back the power.

  3. lol putting other people are risk. Hey kinky Kevy please never drive your truck again. Each and every single time you step foot inside of your vehicle you put other people at risk. go hide in your bubble, boy.

  4. Kevin, do your wrists ever get worn out by the constant copy/paste demands Kyle has put on you for this job? If so, call me so I can get you proper compensation under PA Worker’s Compensation law. 1-800-SUE-KYLE

  5. Liberate my people. Follow my guidelines unless you don’t like them – then blame Obama or the CDC or any Democrat, or the media.

  6. Kyle is a “beta cuck liberal soy boy”. Crying at home over videos of people not social distancing hard enough. I feel bad for his children who will grow up terrified of the world.

    1. Should we be terrified of the world or just terrified of brown people taking our jobs? Or scared of democrats taking our guns?

      What specifically should we be scared of?

  7. Murphy stealing the food off people’s tables – not allowing people to feed themselves and their children is a crime against humanity. I get it, the virus showed up and projected models of millions dead appeared, scaring us to death. But we now see those models vastly overstated the reality and hospitals not overwhelmed. So it’s time for Murphy to forgo his salary until he allows others to earn theirs. How long will Murphy keep us in chains when HIS livelihood is taken away?

    The people who don’t care about the unemployed are those cowering at home with their paycheck coming in. These are the heartless ones. The virus exists, but the hysterical panicked overreaction to it caused far more harm than the virus. If you can’t see that, you have neither heart nor brain. Be adults and admit you were wrong, and let’s get back to work.

    1. 1. Were they wrong or did locking down the country for 2 months save a lot of lives?

      2. If you risk infecting more people by opening too soon are you heartless and brainless?

      3. Will you admit you were wrong as it seems the lockdown has kept more people from getting sick (allegedly)?

      4. Is Murphy keeping you in chains for following guidelines Trump approved?

      5. Has anyone in your family died? Is that more harm than missing a few paychecks and accepting government handouts?

      There is no right or wrong. Be an adult and deal with it.

      1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get to the keyboard.
        I had some used up lube i was cleaning off my asshole
        because i just got fucked by the gov.

        I looked forward to walking among the sewage and drug needles on the NJ beaches
        with all my plug buddies.

  8. I welcome opening new jersey FULL BOAT NOW!

    New Jersey has always been populated by selfish stupid ignorant fucks.
    Ditto for neighboring NY.

    So I welcome them opening up.
    When these fuck wads start dying off in large numbers and the “smart to dumbfuck ratio” starts
    going up, then we’ll all be better off.

    Just make sure they incinerate all the bodies.
    I don’t want their decomposing corpses to gas out and pollute my air.


    1. hey genius, if the bodies are incinerated, their gases will still pollute your air. Hadn’t thought of that, Einstein? well judging by your 6-year-old level rant, you can’t think period. Please move to an enlightened place like North Korea where you can live at peace, free from thinking – the Dear Leader will Guide you. In a free society you are a waste and a drain on the productive smart people.

      1. incineration temperatures KILL EVERYTHING you stupid fucking snowflake.

        suggest you quit hanging out at inner city ball courts my wigger friend
        before you get the virus or a beatdown.

        don’t forget Oprah reruns come on at 12:30pm through 6:30pm.

        there is nothing worse that a wigger twink with their hat on backwards,
        all tatted up and rip jeans………

  9. I’m sure Steve Keeley and Fox 29 are thrilled you used all their shit and then open up your story with “and the big story on Action News is.”

  10. Check out my EZ 4 step plan to becoming a gym owner: 1. go to the gym and drop a weight on your foot 2. sue the gym which just publicly admitted that they’re operating illegally 3. their insurance will drop them like a hot potato, and 4. a couple of court dates later, now you own a gym, not to mention the rest of the owner’s worldly possessions. You can thank me later.

    1. fits your personality to a T, a craven lying cheating piece of scum who’s spent his life trying figure out ways to game the system since he has no useful work skills. You know, the worthless drains who lurk on their keyboards advocating America (and why not, the world!) to stay home and getting “free money” for no work. That’s been proven to be a very successful paradigm for success throughout history. Hail the Workers not Working! We’ll print money for them all and it will all end just as I say – Workers Paradise!

        1. the lockdown-lover calling someone else insecure, oh that’s too rich. Your Security-Mask is cutting off your O2 again, I keep telling you – you don’t need it 24/7 in your basement closet. Come out of your closet. Both of them.

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