Philadelphia Inquirer Guts Almost 50% of Sales Staff

It’s a really bad time to work in legacy media.

Newspapers and television stations were already declining before 2020 dropped another turd sandwich on us in the form of a global pandemic, which has resulted in more layoffs and buyouts and than we can keep track of.

In addition to Eyewitness News unceremoniously dumping 14 people on Tuesday, Jeff Blumenthal over at the Philadelphia Business Journal has some details on the Philadelphia Inquirer doing the Thanos routine with the sales department:

At the Inquirer, there were 32 buyouts and layoffs, with 26 emanating from the advertising department and six from the newsroom.

In late April, management offered buyouts to all 55 members of the advertising department. According to an April 22 bulletin sent by Guild Executive Director Bill Ross and President Diane Mastrull to membership, layoffs would follow if at least 20 staffers in the department did not voluntarily apply for the buyout package.

Ross said Thursday that 20 members of the advertising department accepted the buyouts and the Inquirer laid off six other employees. This is the company’s fourth staff reduction in five years.

On the news side, Bob Ford also took a buyout, which he announced back on April 29th.

But yeah, I mean, Jesus. The Inquirer has been cutting staff regularly for half a decade now, which makes you wonder where this ends.


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    1. thats applys to black women with jobs and less than 2 illegitimate childrens.
      so that comes out to 4 people in philly
      and 2 people in the rest of the state.

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    If CrossingFraud f i r e d half their staff.
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        1. Sounds awful.

          Nothing like that near my house.

          You seem confused. I work every day. Furloughed? No work?

          Funny – masks are a political issue now. Seems to be backfiring.

          Trump 2020!

        2. Its clear that getting laid off from your pizza delivery job has effected your addled brain.
          Maybe once you are on a ventilator you can get enough oxygen to last for maybe 2-3 days.
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  3. The Inky has been headed this way for years. It will soon be joining the Bulletin.
    It’s about time.

  4. Unbelievable. We are all so lucky to have a potus like Donald J Trump. No one could have handled this pandemic better. He shut down travel from China in February, the Dems said he was being discriminatory…. lol!!!!
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    1. 40 million unemployed.

      101k gone. Nothing to worry about. Banned travel from China but they kept coming.

      Virus still out of control – but masks aren’t cool. Can’t mess up the hair.

      Approval rating going down daily.

      Crying about social media and trying to destroy the First amendment.

      Loyal apologists bailing.

      Disinformation campaigns.

      Laughing stock.

      Great job!

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          1. noone has strokes anymore – that’s so 2019. Are you not up-to-date on the latest media disease-fad? If you go outside without a mask it’s Ventilator Time!

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  7. Yes of course Biden has no chance and Trump is king.

    Quick side note, does anyone happen to know the ethnicity’s of the people protesting down in Fishtown today?

    1. Thank you for the entertainment. Because I care, please don’t forget to remove your mask before going to bed, last thing we need is another covid-related stat. Sweet dreams, Gretchen.

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  10. The Country is out of control. More people dying. Economy in ruins.

    The President condoning violence and getting his Tweet flagged. Should be interesting when he wakes up.

    Turn on the state run media and they say the people in Minneapolis should protest peacefully like Colin Kaepernick. I thought they just spent years blasting Colin.

    Things don’t seem to be going very well.

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    They want us divided by race
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    Divided we are weak, together we are strong

    1. Get some coffee.

      Maybe some insulin or hydroxychloroquine, or some disinfectant. Maybe shine some bright lights into your lungs.

  12. Minnesota is burning to the ground because of violence against Trump.
    Trump is tearing america apart and people aren’t wearing masks as our inner cities
    burn to the ground in violence.

    1. Crack baby? Trump looting stores? Trump stealing Nikes? Trump scoring himself a free large-screen? I hate Trump and he’s guilty of many things but he’s to blame for people looting stores that had nothing to do with killer cops? What did the store do to these people? Or are they thugs? Trump’s fault? How about a culture where decent men who want to work for the police go elsewhere, so the only people left to fill the force’s ranks are the sadistic a-holes? Ever think behind the headline? People weren’t poor under Obama? Crime went away in the inner cities then? Flu and other diseases didn’t kill 800,000 people a year under Obama? Why didn’t Obama order everyone to wear masks and cause mass unemployment? It would have solved everything.

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        What’s wrong with these people?
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        The least they could do is goto starbucks and talk it out over some hot buttered scones and java.

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