Police Report Describes Situation Leading to Redskins Receiver’s Arrest on Felony Charges

Kena Krutsinger-USA TODAY Sports

27 year old Cody Latimer signed for the Redskins this offseason after playing two years with the Giants following an underwhelming four-year stint with the Broncos.

He was arrested Saturday morning outside of Denver on three felony and two misdemeanor charges after reportedly getting into an altercation with a friend following a poker game that went sideways.

Denver’s WUSA9 obtained the police report, writing this today:

During the game, Latimer became involved in an argument with another person, the report says. The report did not mention what the argument was about. (Friend Roderick English) told police he separated the two and kicked everyone out of his apartment. About 30 minutes later, Latimer showed up at English’s apartment, the report says.

According to English, Latimer was agitated, angry and blamed English for his confrontation with the other person. English said Latimer then pulled out a black handgun from the pocket of his hoodie and said he saved two bullets for English and his girlfriend Shal, according to the police report.

Latimer waved the gun around, although he didn’t point it directly at English or Shal, the police report says. According to English’s testimony and the police report, English and Shal were scared as Latimer said he was going to “kill everybody.”

Latimer then said he would never hurt English or Shal, according to the report, and emptied the magazine and cleared the chamber of his gun. However, Latimer later became angry again and at one point fired two shots in close proximity to English, the police report says.

English then pinned Latimer against the wall, and Latimer struck English on top of head with the gun, the police report says, and English fell, maintaining hold of Latimer. Again, English pushed Latimer against wall, and when Latimer told English to calm down, the altercation broke up, according to the police report.

Latimer was charged with assault in the second degree, menacing, illegal discharge of a firearm, reckless endangerment, and prohibited use of weapons. He was released from jail on $25,000 bond and has a scheduled court hearing this afternoon.

This was one of just multiple incidents involving NFL players over the past week. A warrant was put out for the arrest of Quinton Dunbar and DeAndre Baker last Thursday. Buffalo’s Ed Oliver was then arrested Saturday for DUI and possession of a firearm. Add the Latimer situation and that’s three run ins with the law in the span of four days.

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