RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Throws Headset, Drops F-Bomb on Producer

We interrupt your warm, sunny day with an important update from 97.5 The Fanatic, where afternoon drive host Mike Missanelli went on a bit of a huffy rampage.

It all started with a conversation between Missanelli and his on-screen counterparts Tyrone Johnson and Natalie Egenolf about a NY woman who called the police claiming she was being attacked by an African American man. What did the man do? Asked her to put her dog on a leash. In what came as a shock to just about no one, her story changed over time and she was fired from her job. Watch the video and draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, Tyrone and Natalie appeared to be arguing that the woman’s assertion she was being “attacked” was misleading as there was no physical contact. Mike, who any listener has been reminded ad nauseam has a law degree, made the case that the woman’s perception/opinion that she was being verbally attacked was the crux of the argument. Rather than shaking hands bumping elbows, Missanelli called for a commercial break and FIRED his headset off-screen:

Awkward. Did the commercial break calm the tension? Nope:

That certainly looks like at least one F-bomb being directed at Tyrone. Now look, Mike’s been at this a long time, most of which hasn’t had a TV component. Is this a heat-of-the-moment thing? Maybe. Should he have known better? Absolutely. Is it the first time he’s had… anger issues around radio colleagues? Not exactly.

We here at Crossing Broad report, you decide. Full clip after the jump:

The immediate reaction on Twitter, and a near unanimous consensus is that Mike owes Tyrone and Natalie an apology. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

At least we got a good GIF out of this:


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    1. He is not a tiny blowhard. He is an enormous blowhard. And, as an attorney, I am embarrassed by his obvious racially motivated position that seems to argue that the woman’s statement could be construed to have attempted to tell the 911 operator that it was a verbal attack only.

  1. I can’t believe Mikey finally took the red pill.

    The guy recording is an ahole and is no hero. Private citizens should not be recorded when they aren’t breaking the law. Dog on the leash is not a major criminal offense.

    Recording is a hostile act that caused that lady to go bonkers.

    1. The guy recording the annoying white broad was a rat looking for attention

    2. lady to go bonkers??

      put the flipping leash on the dog like your suppose to and she wouldn’t have to go bonkers

      maybe don’t call 911 when your really not in need of police??

      1. Hey buddy, go down the wissahickon and start recording every 22 year old girl who doesn’t have a dog on the leash. They wlll and should call the cops on your creepy ass.

        Maybe someone should record your sister, wife, or mother next time they are in public . we’ll see how you feel.

    3. Anyone in a public space can be recorded, there is no expectation to privacy in a public space. Then again, not really surprised a Trumper wouldn’t know that, ya’ll are brainwashed morons to start.

  2. If we are to believe Mike’s opinion that the lady felt like she was attacked therefore she was attacked, then Mike just attacked his two coworkers. But it wouldn’t be the first time.

  3. Joe would never allow curse like that on site. He would give mike a proper thrashing.

  4. This guy Mike Missanelli has obvious deep anger issues! He is not a stable man, and apparently this type of behavior has happened in the past. The old saying is true: past behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior. I believe the radio station has no choice but to terminate his employment.

    1. He generates the most ad revenue at the station by a long shot. He isn’t going anywhere

    2. Missanelli is an insecure little man with an oversized and easily bruised ego. Remember the crossovers with Tony Bruno back in the day? And of course there was no physical altercation. Tyrone would kick his ass and Missanelli knows it. He’s famous for picking his spots.

  5. Mike is a has been….but

    Nat and Tyrone are young, opinionated, and just not that smart. In many ways, close minded.
    Check Nat’s twitter for confirmation.

    When 3 so called SJWs go at it…you hate to see it.

  6. Typical white liberal.. doesn’t get his way… abuses women and blacks….

    Trump 2020

    1. This is the reason he changes stations so often. He used to have battles with Eskin all the time. He’s just a blowhard that thinks he’s right all the time no matter what.

  7. How many times would Mike say, “We need to evolve as people”, be kinder to each other. That was him trying to convince himself to be that way. He’s just an angry old douche.

  8. All Tyrone & Nat have to say; is that they don’t feel safe around Mike M. and force the radio station to get rid of him. They have the proof on video. Some lawyer would be glad to represent Tyrone & Nat in a Hostile Workplace Environment case against their Employer.

  9. If I was an African American I’d be insulted by Mike Miss trying to speak on their behalf . Insulting

  10. I heard mike miss suggested big Nat date a black or Chinese for woke purposes

  11. Great opportunity for Missinelli to show how WOKE he is….. first give a groveling apology, then resign and insist the station replace him with Tyrone Johnson. Isn’t it awesome when Social Justice Warriors eat each other? 😁

  12. Joe – we get it. You don’t like Mike. 10 posts overnight and first thing this morning is just a little sad. Just trying to help. You seem kind of creepy and obsessed.

    Eugene and Darnell agree.

  13. Michelle Missinelli won’t survive this incident, bad track record and doesn’t play well with others.

  14. Karen, the goatee isn’t working for you! Pretty weak headset throw btw. Your lawyer skills are suspect as that throw.

  15. Woke Mike Miss has no clue . His woke “recovery” plan is to force already struggling small businesses to pay employees 65% more in the midst of an economic crisis

  16. WOW is right! I expect this from the White House but not my local sports station.

  17. I thought Nat Nat had the privilage working from home. Couldn’t stand that cartoon figure on the TV

  18. Mike’s really frustrated because he is losing in the ratings to his ex-producer.

  19. Who has the limper wrist? Barrack Hussein Obama’s first pitch at the White Sox game? Or Karen Missanelli (ex college baseball player, riiiiiight) head set heave yesterday afternoon in studio?

    1. I have refused to throw the first pitch several times. If the wind is blowing my hair will flop and you will see me bald head. If I have to wear a hat, it will ruin my hairspray.

      Kind of like how I refuse to wear a mask. It will mess up my spray tan.

      1. Might want to watch the video of POTUS Trump throwing a football before you comment. Once again, facts TRUMP your pussy, butt-hurt, left leaning opinions all day every day

        1. What does that have to do with him refusing to throw a first pitch because he doesn’t want to mess up his hair?

          I typed really slow. Hope that helps.

  20. Mike Misanelli “can’t recall” his whereabouts during the time JFK was assassinated???

  21. Daddy has been upset every since i lost my snatch and A$$ cherry to 3 blacks late last fall.
    I had problems walking and talking but he figured it out.
    Those bbc’s are hard to swallow aren’t they Kyle?
    He’s been miserable every since.
    He’s afraid he’ll have to burp a black baby.

    1. you aint black! who said that? quit projecting homey. He’s outsmarted you and your liberal arts degree at every turn

  22. Tyrone has been the downfall of Mike’s show! Who remotely even likes Tyrone? Hopefully 97.5 has the balls to fire Tyrone like they Tra Thomas

    1. Yea you’re right. Tyrone is the WORST producer he’s has yet. His voice is just flat out awful for radio. Dude needs a muzzle

  23. What happen when the show continued? I don’t see that anywhere in the story?

  24. Hey Mikey. You Aint Black and your pandering to black folk while yelling at black folk and a helpless woman may get you street cred in Bristol, but it’s obvious the goatee and hair dye have fried your already burned you ar;ready white privileged brain bo!

  25. Mushenneli thinks he’s black.

    He has a history of abusing co-workers.

    Fire this asshole

  26. Mikey is a notorious fake tough guy. He just bully’s smaller people. He’s a total clown. Real tough fighting people smaller than him or yelling at women. Such a pu$$y, but everyone know this.

  27. I just think MM was caught off guard be fact that he didn’t know all the details and they did. That’s why he brought it up.
    And when Ty And Nate started feeding him new info he change his whole demeanor. I’m not a radio guy but I’m pretty sure they have preschool meetings about the topics they will discuss and apparently they didn’t share that info with mike. Natealie being a woman kept pushing like many women do and Mike being an Alpha male didn’t like it. Plus he’s Italian and we don’t like being corrected by a female. Lol…

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