Red Lobster Melee Update: “We Do Not Tolerate Violence for Any Reason”

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Would you order takeout from Red Lobster on Mother’s Day?

Some folks in York did, and the result was a brouhaha which was captured on video and then went viral.

The story here is that a shortage of employees resulted in long wait times outside of the restaurant, with a woman named ‘Kathy Hill’ then demanding a refund and getting into a physical altercation with a worker:

Fantastic video.

A couple of highlights for me:

  1. when Kathy says “get my motherfucking money back
  2. the guy wearing the LeBron James shirsey under his apron
  3. when Kathy says “you get your motherfucking hands off me
  4. when a random bystander says “hey, let go of her hair

Here’s what Red Lobster had to say about the incident, via Pennlive:

“We do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants. We expect our team members treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our Manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.”

That’s a pretty fair statement. Kathy did take the first swing in the video, so I’m not sure if she’ll get much sympathy in the court of public opinion. The employee did, however, do some hair grabbing. Maybe it’s a wash.

By the way, ever had those cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster? They’re awesome. You can actually buy them and make them at home.

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24 Responses

  1. Let them fight! they need a good 5 minutes, let them fight!

      1. Gonna miss her when she’s gone. I once dropped a solid 9 inch-plus deuce on her chest, right between them big floppy tits. Best part was she pulling my knob the whole time like she was gonna tip it the fuk off.

  2. Don’t know much about Red Lobster. I only eat at high end places. Plus I get prime steaks delivered to my house from Omaha Steaks. Life is good.

    1. Do you still ‘perform’ ‘house call’ ‘service’ for the others in the north east
      you l im ey fn pill0w biter?

  3. Omaha Steaks??!

    Omaha Steaks is to beef what Red Lobster is to seafood.

    Dude can’t even pretend he isn’t stupid white trash.


    Typical MAGA chick in the video.

  4. York is a Trump area. This is pretty typical for the uneducated neanderthalic white slobs that live there and embrace his rhetoric. You wouldn’t get this in a civilized blue area of the country where people treat each other with respect and have the decency to not wait 3 seconds let alone 3 hours for *red lobster*.

    How trashy do you have to be?

    1. Philadelphia is blue correct? endless daily murders of brotha on brotha crime.

  5. I ain’t waitin no 3 hours fer FOOD! Fuck BLUE Lobster Democrats I’ll git my seafood from Long John Silvers from now on they don’t make you wait at all! And they have a separate line for coloreds.

  6. I read this site less and less what with all of the articles that seem to have a slant against good christian folks like this one.

  7. This article was clearly written by a non christian. I can see why the pastor included this in bible study today. Media is really trying to make christians look bad these days. You hate to see it.

  8. This is extremely disappointing. Crossing broad was one of the last sports sites our kingdom hall approved of. Its a shame to see the wrongful ideas of worldly people has infiltrated this site.

  9. I H A TE F U C K I N G P U T O S!
    filthy F U CK I NG MON GR E LS

  10. I think it’s high time we start a petition to remove this author. His hateful speech is harming Christian America.

  11. Hey kevin, how do we reach CB attorneys? There’s ALOT of factually wrong information in your story as we’ve been emailing you….

  12. York is white trash. Did you hear the terrible accents? This looked like an episode of Jerry Springer

  13. I ordered dinner from a local restaurant on Mother’s Day @4:00. The girl who took the order said she was sorry, but they were backed up and the order wouldn’t be ready until 5:30. So right then we had a choice…wait or order somewhere else. We ordered and went there at 5:30 and it was ready! I don’t know wtf they were doing at Red Lob.

  14. “you got people waitin three hours for food”

    Imagine ACTUALLY waiting 3 hours for red lobster 😂

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