Report: Philadelphia and Surrounding Counties Soon Moving to COVID-19 Yellow Phase

This just crossed the timeline, a bit of good news for people in Southeastern Pennsylvania who are going on three months now with the COVID-19 stay at home order.

Combination report here from the Inquirer’s Anna Orso and Chris Brennan, along with Angela Couloumbis of Spotlight PA:

Pennsylvania counties still under strict coronavirus restrictions — including hard-hit Philadelphia and its suburbs — will move to the “yellow” reopening phase by June 5 at the latest, according to three sources with knowledge of the Wolf administration’s plans.

Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s reopening plan, 49 of 67 counties are already in the yellow phase, or the first phase of reopening, in which most but not all businesses can reopen. In the yellow phase, limitations on public gatherings remain, and restaurants and bars remain closed to in-person business. Gyms, salons, malls, and movie theaters also remain closed.

The Philadelphia, Reading, and Allentown areas have been stuck in this red phase for what feels like an eternity, and progressing out of that would be fantastic.

These are the social restrictions listed on the state website for the YELLOW PHASE:

  • Stay at Home Order Lifted for Aggressive Mitigation
  • Large Gatherings of More Than 25 Prohibited
  • In-Person Retail Allowable, Curbside and Delivery Preferable
  • Indoor Recreation, Health and Wellness Facilities and Personal Care Services (such as gyms, spas, hair salons, nail salons and other entities that provide massage therapy), and all Entertainment (such as casinos, theaters) Remain Closed
  • Restaurants and Bars Limited to Carry-Out and Delivery Only

Indoor recreation is closed, but under those guidelines it looks like they’d be able to reopen the outdoor portion of Philadelphia rec centers and reattach basketball hoops to the baskets. You could play pickup soccer at Penn Park or get some flag football going at Fairmount Park. At least I think that would be okay if I’m understanding that blurb.


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62 Responses


    The liberal fucks stroke again.
    Because they are to stupid to pass the test and to dumb to bribe without getting caught
    they got rid of it altogether.

    You people won’t get away with this!

    Univ of california gets rid of SAT tests.

    The USA has turned into country of weak minded spineless sissies.
    I did 12 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan for this?

    Trump will fix these fuckers up pronto.

    T R U M P 2 0 2 0 – no sissies allowed!

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      That corn pop was one smart dude.
      Did I tell you that story about black being put back in chains?
      Well if you are black and dont vote for me, then you are not really black.
      Just Shut up and Dribble.

    2. “no sissies”. Yet it’s pretty much guaran-ass-teed you are a fat @#%. We all know the kind…the guy who had some muscle back in his 20s but now he just has gobs of fat all over it and no longer has a visible neck. So maybe you’re fat strong? Nah – I’d guess you’re just fat. And you probably cry at the movies and over other dumb shit…yet you are here calling people sissies from behind your 8 year old flip phone. You’re embarrassing yourself – but please continue…you’re amusing to all of us.

      1. No pallbearers could carry Fat Monty G …… need a forklift operator.

  2. Kevin not posting my comments again….I wonder why.

    Meanwhile he continues to post under my alias with stupid weak trolling attempts.

    1. You are that really smart little fella. You are the one that thought many Republican run states remained open during the national economic shutdown and blamed Democrats for it. You sure know what’s going on in the world. Your opinion is greatly needed.

        1. Do you live far from the Walt Whitman Bridge?
          Go over to the middle of the northbound span and look down.
          That’s your future.

      1. lol ok Karen. Karen is what we will now call Mikey Miss intern. Also, I didn’t think anyone could hand the mockingbird media their asses any harder than Sarah Huckabee Sanders but then Kayleigh McEnany burst’s onto the scene and MOAB’s them daily. Sorry left leaning folks, you’ve lost, your way of living is over. Time for you nerds to be stuffed back into your lockers and your safe spaces destroyed. I look forward to seeing your neck beards, flat brimmed hats, and jersey’s at the upcoming sporting events.

          1. I know one thing that will change if Trump loses.
            We won’t have to put up with his fucked up twitter crap every 12 minutes,
            childish behavior and name callin and
            constantly poor job of hiring people to do a job.
            he’s had more fire than california.


    2. JASON BOURNE bleeding gums say:
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      1. I truly do not understand how or why meaningless posts get flagged. I had one today about Nat and Mikey Miss and it was flag and never posted…..was nothing terrible. Seems like Censorship happens on this site, like many others. ANNNNDDDDD We know what type of people get censored the most. The factual Maga or MAGATS (as Kevin puts it) people that deal in reason, facts, and logic. Sad.

        1. You thought red states were open for business.

          You probably shouldn’t be bragging about facts. You may be the most uninformed person on here. Without facts you don’t have logic or reason. You are an embarrassment.

  3. The MSM moved on from the Biden story and are now on to Trump crying about his poll numbers. The liberal conspiracy hard at work.

    So unfair to be white.

  4. “I tested very positively in another sense,” said Trump. “So this morning, I tested positively toward negative, right? So, no, I tested perfectly this morning, meaning I tested negative. But that’s a way of saying it, positively toward the negative.”

  5. I’m union construction, been working the entire time throughout the “shutdown” even though guys on my job got Covid. The casino has to be done by December and Kenney doesn’t give a shit who who dies, he wants it done

  6. If there’s one thing I know about American blacks, it’s that they love having their blackness questioned by a rich, old, powerful, white guy.

      1. Haha!

        Hey guys, hope all is well. I’m having a bunch of buddies over the barn bar tonight. No masks, no social distancing, just common sense and good people. Right now I’m opening up some Johnny Walker Blue and a case of Belles Two Hearted Ale. Listening to George Thurogood on the Sonos and grilling black angus burgers on the Viking grill. Life is good. God bless.

        1. Definitely awesome Joe!!! You are a real
          American. Not social distancing is like that party in Chicago you posted about over and over. You are just like them!!’ So cool.

        2. Hey Joe! You are awesome. So we are meeting at the old crackhouse on the corner? The one where we stole the copper? Not the one where your old lady plays rusty trombones, right?

          1. Thank you Joe! We love you in the black community. We all knew from the start that this whole thing was BS. I am so offended by Biden’s comments earlier today. He is a disgusting human being. All us black folks guna be voting for Trump this year. We all love him and he do us right.

          2. Yeah Joe. We all knew this whole thing was bs. It is just really weird. You really are one touched nut bag.

            What’s up with all the posting to yourself? Odd stuff dude. Glad Darnell finally called you out on your bs. We all knew it.


            What a nut. Posting to yourself again. Lol

  7. In all seriousness, I wonder who the democrats will pick to run for president this year. Why are they so afraid to have a regular primary? Maybe it’s all for the best. They did prevent Bernie from running twice now.

  8. The city is still shutdown. The home-less still run center city except around Ritten-House Square and the Schy Trail. I can see why people don’t feel comfortable walking around many parts of the city.

  9. We are only hours away from the most beautiful thing in this world……a new day. A new day, a new beginning, a new hope. To the few that have spent so much time today posting back and forth on this board I feel sorry for you but I also know that tomorrow is the chance to become a better you. When you have the urge to comment on here think of your son or daughter. Think of the energy and time that’s wasted here that instead could be directed towards them. You can have a beautiful & strong relationahip with them if you really try. Don’t lie to yourself and think its strong as you sit on your phone and they sit on their tablet playing their games. They will only become more distant as time goes on from you and all you should do is blame yourself. I pray that everyone has a great and safe weekend and that this holiday weekend will not only act as a time to reflect about the brave men and women we have lost in our military but also to reflect about ourselves.

  10. titface tom wolf and his man-bitch rachel levin are f-ing this state on a daily basis with f-ing stupidity and non stop liberal idiocy. dems on this blog should be embarassed d-heads and STFU…..

    1. PA should be open like all the Republican states are. The Republican run states have been open from the start. True story.

      If we just say it a lot it will be true. Forget that all Republican states were shut down too. Just stay uninformed and repeat nonsense. We have no reason to be ashamed.

  11. No chance this moron Joe Biden becomes President.

    The guy has been locked up in his basement for two months. His handlers barely let him speak and when he does screws up every time.

    Biden would be the first President ever elected with early to mid stage dementia.

    1. I just can’t believe this senile old man is still relevant. How bad has Trump been? How is it possible a crazy old man is in a battle with an even crazier old man. If we just keep blaming Democrats for Trump’s mistakes we can do this!!!

  12. Was just watching FOX News. They called the murderous owner of Atilis gym an American hero.

    The hero kept saying he would open his gym every day. He said he would go to jail before allowing anyone to shut him down. Well, the gym is shut down again and the hero is home chillin. Looks like he needs some more American flags, and spoon fed rhetoric. What brave heroes they turned out to be.

  13. I cant wait until I can vote for the Biden Abrams ticket. I want a piece of the apple pie that Joe the Plumber has. I hate being poor. I fill empty Johnny Walker blue bottles with Canadian Club when I take them out of Joe’s recycling. I mowed his lawn for years. Never a tip.

    1. You mean United States 🇺🇸 Flags? Good question. You never see one, no matter if it’s a Holiday or not.

  14. Any fool that would put a flag in front of their home in Harlem; would be an Uncle Tom sellout. We would deal with them right away. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  15. Trump is complete idiot and so are his supporters. I hope you all catch the covid and die come November.

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