94 WIP’s “Once and For All Week” continues today with a topic that gives me nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea, like the jingle from the Pepto Bismol commercials.

The hosts are debating Nick Foles vs. Carson Wentz, which we’ve discussed frequently over the past three years. That horse died when Foles lost his job to Gardner Minshew, but we continue to beat the figurative equine because we’re just looking for something to talk about during a global pandemic.

As a result, we got this Twitter exchange today:

Well, that was unexpected. I thought it was playful at first until the words “unethical” and “deplorable” were invoked.

Interesting thing here is that Ross Tucker was on Angelo’s show this morning, and Angelo is the king of saying things he doesn’t actually believe, so that would present us with a touch of irony. Makes you wonder if Tucker would/should call bullshit on Cataldi in a similar situation.

Joe, of course, has been doing this Nick Foles take for a few years now, so regardless of whether he believes it or is just doing a radio shtick, at least he’s consistent.

I don’t have any personal thoughts beyond that since I like both of these guys, though I’ll say it’s somewhat surprising to see Tucker come at Giglio like that, especially considering the fact that he’s a recurring WIP guest.

Carry on.