Sixers to Offer Season Ticket Holders Refund and Rollover Options

The 76ers’ season has been on hold since March 12th, with ten regular season home games remaining on the calendar.

As such, Crossing Broad has learned that the team will be contacting season ticket holders today to inform them of the following options regarding those unplayed games:

  • option 1 – rollover of the 10 games into your 2020-2021 package
  • option 2 – receive a refund for these games

To be clear, these games have NOT been cancelled, but it’s our understanding that the Sixers just want to give season ticket holders some financial flexibility here, to do right by the fans and offer the refund now instead of kicking the can down the road. You should see an email hit your inbox at some point this morning or afternoon.

Playoff games had not yet gone on sale at the time of postponement, so right now the only outstanding issue is the home games that have yet to take place, which included a trio of high profile opponents in Toronto, Milwaukee, and Houston.

As an aside, the team is also expected to resume season ticket payments beginning on Friday, June 12th. Until now, the Sixers had suspended those payments while the majority of NBA teams continued to charge credit cards throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sixers will, however, work with season ticket holders who would like to continue deferring payments due to a stressed financial situation. This is being communicated about a month in advance, so again there’s leeway here for fans to decide how best to proceed.

One thing that should be noted is that Stubhub, while a partner, operates separately from the Sixers, and has a policy in which ticket holders cannot be refunded until games have officially been cancelled by a respective league. Stubhub’s policy is to credit your account instead of refund your purchase entirely, as stated on their website:

We’ll add a coupon worth 120% of your original order to your StubHub account. You can apply this coupon to one or multiple StubHub orders in the same currency until Dec. 31, 2021. Just choose the coupon at checkout when you order.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey, however, each have laws mandating that you’re entitled to a refund if you hold a ticket to a cancelled event. Title 5 of the PA code, “Athletics and Sports,” chapter 11, subchapter B on “tickets and advertising” reads, in part:

Full refund — Upon postponement or cancellation of the main event or the entire program of contests or exhibitions, the promoter shall refund the full purchase price of each ticket to any person who presents the entire ticket for a refund within ten days after the scheduled date of the event. The promoter shall announce the postponement or cancellation at the beginning of the program and at other times during the event as the commission shall prescribe and shall notify the ticketholders in each announcement that they may present their ticket stubs for a refund of the purchase price during the program.

Again, no official cancellations or postponements from the NBA, with the remaining regular season games sitting there in a state of abeyance, if you will. But Stubhub ticket holders in PA and NJ should be able to choose between that 120% credit and a full refund if cancellations do become official.


It’s my understanding that the Wells Fargo Center, being located physically in Pennsylvania, means that the refund law would apply to anybody with a ticket, regardless of where they live. For instance, if your residence is in Wyoming, but you bought a Sixers ticket on Stubhub with plans to fly out here for the game, you would still be able to get a refund because the event itself is taking place in Pennsylvania, and that’s how the law is applied.

EDIT 2 –

Here’s the email, in edited chunks:



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  1. If you’re smart you’ll go for the whole refund and not roll it over into 2020-21 season. There at least some chance 2020-21 season either starts late or not at all.

    1. Be sure to read the fine print for some sort of charge to receive a refund. HARRIS/BLITZER/RUBIN make me nervous when dealing with $$

    1. At this time 4 years ago the President wasn’t being locked in a closet and told not to speak.

      She lead him?

      Trump is starting to panic. Imagine being in a tight race with Joe friggin Biden. That has to be embarrassing for Don.

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