“The Eagles Want Jason Peters Here,” Says Derrick Gunn

This is disconcerting.

First we had Lane Johnson telling John Clark that he wouldn’t rule out a Jason Peters return in 2020.

Now we’ve got Derrick Gunn saying this on a recent Quick Slants appearance:

The plan was for last year’s first-round pick, Andre Dillard, to take over at left tackle but maybe they’re re-thinking that now. So, could the Birds be bringing back Peters in a backup role?

Well, first of all, if Jason Peters comes back here, he’s not coming back here as a backup. I do know for a fact that Jason Peters wants to be in Philadelphia and the Eagles want Jason Peters here. It’s only a matter of time before they get something done. Now, the plan was for Dillard to hopefully be their starting left tackle but he did not progress as quickly as the Eagles had hoped he would.

How long are we going to keep kicking the left tackle can down the road? You drafted one in the first round and gave him a year to learn behind a Pro Bowler. Put him on the field. We need to see if Andre Dillard can play, and if he can’t, then you go a different route, one that doesn’t involve bringing back a 38 year old who hasn’t played more than 79% of the available offensive snaps since 2016.

I love Jason Peters as much as the next guy, but you gotta let him go. Let him ride off into the sunset, play one season with another team, then join the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Here’s the Quick Slants video:











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8 Responses

  1. Get ready for another report about Andre Dillard, crying uncontrollably and being consoled by Doug Pederson(sheesh).

  2. Perhaps they’ve seen that Dillard isn’t ready yet and Peters is the best option as a stop gap…obviously. You don’t just “put him on the field” in a very important position if he hasn’t been good in practice just to appease the Philly know-it-alls so the armchair GMs can see it for themselves…or whatever. Try to think it through bud.

  3. A friend of mine thinks that if they bring JP back they will move him to guard and is all about it. There hasn’t been any talk of that has there? God this is all so dumb. Howie is stuck in 2017.

  4. Insert a quarter, wind him up and watch him blow first round draft picks. Amazingly real.

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