UFC 249: All Fighters But One Made Weight

It’s on.

UFC 249 takes place tomorrow in Jacksonville, Florida. No fans, no media, and extra special COVID-19 precautions in place.

They did weigh-ins this morning, wiping down the scale after each use and exhibiting DUE DILIGENCE on the health front. The end result was this:

Kattar and Stephens are fighting at 145 pounds, aka featherweight. Stephens weighed in at 150.5, so they’ll renegotiate that bout to see if they can make it work. Typically you’ll see the overweight fighter forfeit some of their purse and then they’ll square off at “catchweight” instead.

I’m a little surprised that 23 fighters made weight. Can’t imagine the difficulty of trying to maintain a strict training and eating regimen during a global pandemic, but they handled it really well. The championship fights are on, and we may not lose a single fight if Stephens/Kattar is amended.

(there will be a preview here or at ESNY at some point today)


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  1. What good does wiping down the scale do when these guys will be bleeding and breathing all over each other? It just shows the absurdity in all of this.

  2. remember when I had to fire you from the station for using a racial slur towards hispanics, Kevin?

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