Union Captain Sees More Benefit in Regional Play vs. “Luxurious Prison” in Orlando

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Union captain Alejandro Bedoya went on Taylor Twellman’s ESPN show to talk about a return to play for MLS.

Right now players are allowed to train on an individual basis, which the Union began doing down at the Sixers’ Fieldhouse in Wilmington this week. They’re unable to train in Chester because of restrictions imposed by Pennsylvania authorities.

As for the idea of playing in a centralized Orlando location, Bedoya seemed not entirely interested in that, via this quote transcribed by my main man Joe Tansey:

He’s sort of going with the Mike Trout argument there. Guys have families and lives and whatever and you’re just asking them to shuttle between a hotel and soccer field for two full months. Yeah, they want to be paid, and they make decent money, but MLS salaries aren’t close to athletes playing the “four major sports.”

Bedoya on regional play:

I’m not even sure they’d be able to do the Disney/Orlando thing if the NBA is going that route. It’s a huge complex at the ESPN Wide World of Sports, but you’d have to have enough hotels for two full leagues and get the complicated logistics figured out.


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