Useless Philadelphia Arch Being Demolished at Cost of $700,000

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We’ll get it back to the Eagles in a moment, but this story is so ridiculous that I have to share it.

If you’ve been to Penn’s Landing in the last however-many years, you’re familiar with that huge arch that sits on the waterfront, where they set up the ice skating rink in the winter and the festival area in the summer. It’s literally just a concrete structure with a banner that says “Welcome to Penn’s Landing.”

It’s been there for almost two decades, originally built as the anchor for a failed tramway that would have connected Philadelphia to Camden. Simon Property Group was supposed to build an entertainment center on the waterfront, but jumped ship, leaving the useless arch just sitting there by itself.

That’s bad enough in itself, but read this from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

…after the tower was built — at what is said to have been a cost of about $16 million — Simon pulled out of the plan, leaving each side of the Delaware River with its own useless vertical slab.

The DRWC, a city-affiliated nonprofit that manages development along central Philadelphia’s Delaware River waterfront, began fielding bids from contractors to demolish the tower in September.

A.P. Construction was selected for the job with a $700,000 bid, Crowe said. Work is expected to take two months with coronavirus-related safety protocols in place, she said.

$700,000? Two months? Really?

We need eight weeks and seven-hundred thousand dollars to knock down a concrete arch that was never used? Talk about a huge waste.

The good thing is that they’re at least going to create something with this space, a park that will cover a portion of I-95 and connect front street to the river. You’ll see a walking and biking trail with the plan looking like this:

(via Delaware River Waterfront)

But yeah, $700,000? Holy shit. They should have just left the dumb concrete thing up and built around it. Turn it into a goofy monument or whatever. Save the money.

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9 Responses

  1. Crossing Fraud has sunk to a new low. Why don’t you clowns start walking around Philadelphia interviewing people asking how they feel about the CoronaVirus. Any Korean Baseball scores to share?

  2. Continue voting Democrat and continue seeing mismanagement of money.

    Stop being sheep.

  3. what a waste of $$ like the millions lost that fell between the cracks

  4. so here’s how this works:
    This is a one week job, tops. Period.
    100K goes to AP Construction for the work. However, those workers will be using a chisel making it a 2-3 month job. They will also use the virus for delays.
    600k gets spread around to the corrupt Dems.
    thanks for writing about this.

  5. This is a tough one. The arch is likely high strength, reinforced concrete with a substantial foundation (which I would assume is part of the demolition and likely extends well below the water level – which adds additional complexity and cost). Disposal costs tend to be high as well as reinforced concrete can be a PITA to recycle (separating the stone from the steel). Then you have things like controlling the dust so the surrounding area isn’t covered with gray powder as they chisel the arch apart. While it seems high, I would need to see a cost break-down to say if the bid is justified. But if you think it’s just a case of taking a back-hoe and knocking it over and hauling the bits away, I can guarantee it won’t be that easy.

  6. Easiest way to ever make money is to sign a government contract. You get all the leverage there.

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