Watch Chris Therien’s Daughter Commit to a D1 Basketball Program

via TikTok

Cool video here.

Former Flyer Chris Therien has two daughters already playing college basketball, and here’s video of the third, Alexa, calling up Boston University’s head coach to announce her commitment to the program:

That’s pretty rad. Bundy’s two other daughters play for Loyola Maryland, which is also in the Patriot League. Imagine having three daughters and they all go on to play division one college basketball in the same conference.

Some great athletic genes in that family.

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5 Responses

  1. What does Al Bundy have to do with some mediocre hockey player and his spoiled rich kid daughter?

  2. Great day for the Bundy squad and a great day for America.

    Nine years ago a great American killed the worldโ€™s most hated Islamic terrorist.

    Obama killed Osama.

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