Anthony Gargano on Mike Missanelli Situation: “Stay Tuned, There’s Nothing Bad Going On”

A Crossing Broad reader informed us earlier that somebody tried to ask about Mike Missanelli during Anthony Gargano’s midday show.

Turns out the caller was the man himself, Bob from Tennessee, who I think had a health scare in 2019 but is doing better now, which is great to hear.

Bob brought up Mike’s name, proceeded to carry on with a thought, and then was dumped or either just dropped off the air abruptly, which resulted in The Cuz providing a brief message regarding the Mikey Miss suspension.


The Cuz:

“Listen, just stay tuned is all I’m gonna tell you guys, alright? Stay tuned, there’s nothing bad going on when it comes to the station.”

We’ve been told that Missanelli is out for at least the rest of this week and will continue to “effort” information, as they say in the business.


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  1. Nothing to see here

    Cuz with his usual blowhard “MY MAN” crap

    Bob from Tennessee with a lousy call

    2:27 of my life wasted, yet again, reading Kevin

  2. The mayor should have Cuz talk to the looters . Get them to stop with his loving way .

    1. definitely the Cuz. I think that Sonny Hill actually believes in what he says

        1. Did you know he taught wilt chamberlain how to play basketball?

  3. Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooosssssssssssssss. If this station wanted ratings they’d drop the sports talk gimmick and have an 8 hour long show covering 5 of the Cuz meals. I could listen to that pig slobber away on his food all day.

    1. hahahaha so true! best thing a read so far today! really made my day! got a laugh out of me on such a horrible day, thanks!

    1. No, but you can BE dominated while in a bunker and I think that was more Trump’s intention upon entering the bunker. We all know its not the first time he’s traveled underground to be dominated.

    2. I like to watch in the corner of the bunker while Melania is dominated by the bbc, ok? Not the fake news, I mean pipe, the longest pipe you’ve ever seen, believe me. Balls deep, it’s tremendous.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Why are they hiding from the Mike Miss issue? Obviously something bad is going on at the Station. Nice spin Antnee.

  4. Mike is a phony baloney. Not like Joe the Plumber who is a boss. And a role model to the youth of America.

    1. Remember that time Obama totally owned (the real) joe the plumber? Its on youtube, look it up. I remember having a president with some cajones. It was nice, not like today- this guy just chills in his bunker and eats big macs.

      1. I think Trump is our fattest president. Don’t know the actual weight bc his doctor lies or gets the boot like everyone else, but I’d say he’s on a Taft level here. Many people are saying he can’t wipe his own ass, but when Pence does it for him it’s with the Constitution

  5. Something isn’t right here.

    Why did the ‘protestors’ have to goto some other neighborhood (fishtown) to protest/provoke people?

    There must be a reason why they protested in SOMEONE ELSES neighborhood.

    Maybe they got the reaction/publicity they wanted.

    Why didn’t they just march down fucking broadstreet or pattison?

    Or Protest in their own neighborhood?
    Could it be that they knew there would be looting and burning and didn’t want
    THAT to happen in their own neighborhood?

    Protesting knowing that there would be a likely hood of looting and burning is just dumb dumb move.
    And going down their to film it for ‘youtube’ is just dumb.
    Use your fucking head.

    Well…i’d like some answers……………..

  6. Gargano is a total fraud. He attended ST JUDE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL in BLACKWOOD, NJ and PAUL VI HIGH SCHOOL in HADDON TWP, NJ

  7. Mikey Miss’s whole gimmick is built on being ‘seemingly’ out of control and yelling and going against the common grain.

    There wasn’t even this much of a hullaballo over me losing my virginity.

  8. My buddy finger blasted natalie eggs…. afterwards his finger smelled like rottening fish

    1. I would love a weekend with her, as long as she doesn’t open her yapper

  9. Mikey Miss is going nowhere… the station will fold if he goes… he knows it.

    Just listen to Harry and Tony on Sirius instead folks, much more entertaining.

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