A Crossing Broad reader informed us earlier that somebody tried to ask about Mike Missanelli during Anthony Gargano’s midday show.

Turns out the caller was the man himself, Bob from Tennessee, who I think had a health scare in 2019 but is doing better now, which is great to hear.

Bob brought up Mike’s name, proceeded to carry on with a thought, and then was dumped or either just dropped off the air abruptly, which resulted in The Cuz providing a brief message regarding the Mikey Miss suspension.


The Cuz:

“Listen, just stay tuned is all I’m gonna tell you guys, alright? Stay tuned, there’s nothing bad going on when it comes to the station.”

We’ve been told that Missanelli is out for at least the rest of this week and will continue to “effort” information, as they say in the business.