Bauer Hockey Designs New Products in Response to COVID-19

Hockey is set to return eventually, maybe next month if the NHL and players can figure out an official date.

As we adjust to a COVID-19 world, Bauer has come up with some new equipment that perhaps can keep hockey players and parents safe, and they’ve been unveiling these designs today.

From their Twitter account:

This is the “Integrated Cap Shield,” which Bauer says you can wear over a hat or by itself. It has anti-fog treatment and “complies with ANSI Standards for protection against splash and splatter, and droplet resistance.”

Those jawns will be available in August.

Another product:

Seems straightforward enough.

Here’s a piece of equipment for players:

I’d like to wear that and give it a try to see how it feels. I could see a full-faced shield perhaps being doable, but anything that’s set directly over the nose or mouth would be really uncomfortable. Not sure about you, but the fabric masks feel annoying to me after 30 minutes at the grocery store, so I can’t imagine what the heavy breathing would feel like after a hockey shift or if you were an endurance athlete taught to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth (like in cross country).

Either way, interesting stuff from Bauer.

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6 Responses

    1. No. but i can see up loose fitting wigger sweat suits with it
      and my wigger cam.

  1. With regard to portions of the proceeds donated: We don’t yet know where we will donate these funds. Why? There is no shortage of people and businesses hurting right now. We’re going to wait to see how many we sell, how much money it produces, and then decide the best use of funds.

    We will update everyone who buys a mask how that donation was spent.

  2. I am a practicing dentist and would like to purchase a full face protector to prevent fluids and aerosals from hitting my face. i need a shield that would have room for my eye glasses and loupes I know you make such a product,because my dental hygienists are wearing them.
    I would appreciate if you would send me a picture of the shield and ordering information.
    Thank you

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