Blue Checkmark With 3,400 Followers Thinks Sean McVay is a Better Coach Than Doug Pederson

Is Sean McVay a better football coach than Doug Pederson?

Nah, man. Pederson won a Super Bowl with a backup quarterback while McVay’s team scored a whopping three points in their shot against the Patriots. Doug also beat McVay on the road, twice, both times with Nick Foles stepping in for an injured Carson Wentz.

That should be enough to convince all neutrals, let alone any Eagles or Rams fan with half a brain, but some guy named Sean Wagner-McGough disagrees, and found his mentions filled with Birds fans because he ranked McVay 6th and Pederson 9th on a CBS Sports list.

Here’s the explanation:

There’s more nuance than just championships,” which is certainly true, but Sean McVay is not exactly pre-Super Bowl Andy Reid.

Furthermore, you can’t give us the “body of work” argument and then talk about a guy’s regular season winning percentage over just three NFL years. McVay might have a better mark there (in a tougher conference right now), but he’s 0-2 head to head against Pederson with a 2-2 playoff record and no ring. Pederson is 4-2 in the playoffs with a ring.

Case closed. Thank you.

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