Blue Jays and Lightning Shut Down Their Florida Facilities

Couple of other tidbits here related to the Phillies news.

Jeff Passan at ESPN:

And Bob McKenzie at TSN:

I see a lot of “cancel sports” or “we’re not going to have sports this year” types of tweets and takes out there right now. Allow me to explain why that knee jerk brand of reaction and thinking is pointless and really doesn’t help in any way, shape, or form:

MLS and NBA players are headed to Florida next month to play in a central location under strict health and safety guidelines. They’re not going to be clubbing in Miami without masks or packing churches for Sunday service. Both leagues put together incredibly detailed safety plans that were designed to mitigate external risk from cavalier state policy and individual behavior that exists outside of their control. Either you trust your plan or you don’t. They knew Florida was an iffy location because of the lax COVID-19 state guidelines, but felt like the Disney World facilities and layout fit the pseudo-hermetic bubble framework.

The NBA specifically wrote up a 100+ page plan to protect players and staff based PRECISELY on what is happening right now. The whole point of the isolated central location was to sequester and detach from the general population.

There was always going to be a risk in doing this, but if we’re tucking tail and running at the first sign of trouble, then what was the point of drawing up these intensely-detailed plans in the first place?

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8 Responses

  1. “The whole point of the isolated central location was to sequester and detach from the general population.”

    The Phillies players and staff were also “detached from the general population”. Its not like they were “in the Miami clubs” either. This type of thing can and WILL happen in the NBA too. Just a matter of time. Also, holding a season in Florida is an awful idea no matter how isolated they might be at Disney World.

    Awww geee whiz……..

    hope the whole state caves and slides into the ocean where it and the idiots belong.

    when you fall in, maker sure you flail about like the frucking pussiie you are.

    sharks need to eat too!

  3. Really Kevin. I realize that your job relies on them, but sports really truly don’t need to happen. They are not essential even when other “nonessential” aspects of life are up and running. This cycle isn’t going to end. It’s a pandemic. It’s much bigger than sports. Plus…we all know that any sports that carried on and champion crowned in 2020 is going to be thrown into the asterisk conversation in perpetuity. People should just go have a catch with their kids.

  4. How many of these folks will be sick enough that they will have to be hospitalized? I’d set the under/over at zero.

    They should put all these guys together, have them cough on each other and play ball in three weeks.

    Of course they’ll go the other way and cancel all sports until 2021.

      1. So very true…..why is that? Not because of anything Trump is or is not doing….

        It’s because he’s an outsider. He is not from the “establishment”. Hadn’t spent years in DC like Biden, Bush, Pelosi, Obama, Romney, etc…..the people elected a real outsider and the establishment HATES it, both sides. They want a world where they live in a bubble, they make up rules that apply to the people, not themselves. It’s like a grown up version of a high school clique. I only wish I were joking or being sarcastic

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