Brandon Brooks Tears His Other Achilles and is Done for the Year

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought this year couldn’t get any worse, 2020 has just come along and said “hold my beer.”

Here’s the cherry on top of the worst sundae ever:

Derrick Gunn was first to report the Brooks injury at NBC Sports Philadelphia.

As the Pro Bowl right guard notes, this is not the Achilles he injured at the end of the 2018 season. That was suffered in the Saints playoff game, and he was able to rehab in just eight months to get himself ready for the 2019 season opener, which was uber impressive on his part. Maybe that’s the silver lining here, the fact that he recovered so quickly from the other one, but the fact of the matter is that even an eight month time window would keep him out until February, which is why he’s done for the year, even if he can match the previous rehab’s time frame.

Looks like Matt Pryor, who covered for Brooks following his shoulder injury in week 17 of last season, will get the nod at right guard again. Nate Herbig is another option, while the Birds also drafted Jack Driscoll in the fourth round of this year’s draft.

Devastating blow for the Birds as 2020 continues to be an absolutely awful year.


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  1. Damn it, he should not have have been “protesting” and looting.

  2. Not good for my anxiety. Carson needs to pray harder than ever.

  3. I drive truck for a living. I drive all over Philly, South Jersey, Delaware, and Baltimore, all I see is Trump signs. I haven’t seen one Biden sign.

    1. I thought you rich plumber with frozen steak and mansion.

      Real dose of reality: if we didn’t have tests we wouldn’t have any Corona cases – Donald Trump.

  4. Really enjoyed Sunday afternoon over Joe the Plumbers house/estate. Great time. He had the pool heated up to 85, grilling black diamond steaks, drinking premium beer and listening to No Shoes Radio in his amazing Sonos system. Joe is a great guy. We all love him so much. He’s got a huge Trump flag flying in front of his gigantic mansion. How’s life goin for you college boy???

      1. I heard the Cuz mention Joe the Plumber last week on his show. Joe is a legend!

        1. Love Joe. Guy is a legend. Must be great to not be sitting at home all day with 200k in student debt like Furlough Joe.

  5. I’ve been a lifelong season ticket holder going back to 1984, through the bad times and the good. I have sold off my tickets this year and don’t plan to renew because I am pained to see a league and players who so blatantly disrespect our country and military by refusing to stand for the flag and national anthem.

  6. 7 wins looked about right to me when the schedule was released. Brooks is one of the best players on the team, this sucks. 7 wins seems like the ceiling now.

    1. Fast forward 10 years of mediocrity to 2030. What will Wentz’s legacy be as the qb who’s 1 super bowl season he didn’t even play in the playoffs. Many eagles fans say they would trade 1 super bowl season for 20 losing seasons. That’s how it’s looking

      1. aren’t you excited Dougie P is excited about Alshon? And we get to see Peters again? Can’t wait until we resign Matthews! Jordan, Ryan, doesn’t matter. It’s the new norm after all. How long until Nelly is cut and ends up back here?

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