Bryce Harper Will Be on Lane Johnson’s Show Tonight

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This would have been a good watch/listen anyway, but now we’ll get to hear Bryce Harper’s updated thoughts on the back and forth between Major League Baseball and the players union:

Johnson has been doing this “Outside the Lane” show since the beginning of May. He’s had guests like DeSean Jackson, Chris Long, Lil’ Dicky, and fellow Texan Stone Cold Steve Austin. The episodes run about 20-30 minutes and are uploaded on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

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9 Responses

  1. KInks,

    How can you work for a company that refuses to hire women or people of color?

    A company that has a staff member that was fiired from a local philly news station
    like channel3..for calling mexicans raccist name like P.U.T,O?

    I do not understand your thinking that would allow you to work with people
    like this?

    Do you just not care that you work with bigots?

    please explain.
    asking for a friend.

    Devon H

    1. Kevin,

      Is this true?
      I keep seeing these same posts every week.
      What’s going on?

      Joe S

  2. As a black man I say do not follow the lead of the white liberals. They are starting the looting and rioting. We do not want their help. Our protests were peaceful until they showed up. We as a black community love Trump. We need him to help our cities now.

    1. Hey Joe –

      Quit pretending to be other people you friggin nut. You have always been an embarrassment.

      I have looked at your finances several times and there is just no way you can afford a window air conditioner this year.

      1. Come on man. you can get a window unit at ollie’s for less than 75$.

  3. whys Bryce wearing an Eagles shirt? Isn’t he a luciferian cowboy star fan? violation bro! btw cool new revamp.

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