Clearing Another Hurdle as We Move Closer to Eagles Training Camp

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL just sent out a memo, obtained by Ian Rapoport, informing teams that coaches will be allowed to return to their facilities beginning tomorrow:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is letting the stay-at-home order expire at midnight tonight, which would see Philadelphia county move from the COVID-19 red phase to yellow, clearing the way for organized team sports to return. Earlier in the week, state officials said the recent round of protests and demonstrations would not affect plans to lift restrictions in the southeastern part of the state, however, Mayor Jim Kenney would not officially confirm that Philadelphia was on board with making the red to yellow jump:

If we do get clearance from the state, it would open a path for players to return and then we’ll be able to have training camp in July. No joint practices, however, according to league mandate.

It seems like the NFL is moving on a linear and predictable time frame here, so it really falls on the individual states and local mayors to remove the remaining hurdles. Surely Kenney isn’t going to risk the WRATH of Eagles fans when everybody is already pissed off and angry to begin with.

Time’s yours.

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5 Responses

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    how come crossing broad only has white males on the staff?

    how come they won’t hire people of color or women?

    Is it
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    Don’t you find it hypocritical how their staff drones on and on about r@cism beinbg wrong yet they
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    Or is that okay?

    only a r@cist wouldn’t answer…………

    1. What is wrong with you?

      morals and ethics don’t apply to ‘writers’ or ginger prez.

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